Zhou Libo would go to jail for at least two years if convicted

Zhou Libo crime police suspect

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local 19, U.S. police said the Chinese talk show actor Zhou Libo was arrested in New York, Long Island. He was a dangerous driving by the police to intercept, the car also seized guns and cocaine. The case in New York on the morning of 20 the first court for trial, the judge granted its $5000 cash bail pending trial.

media Zhou Libo was arrested for details of

Zhou Libo was arrested after the police released a photo of

according to the North American Chinese media "world news" reports, the police announced 19, China famous comedian Zhou Libo night driving in New York Long Island Caiting was meal the police stopped and searched. From the police car and found cocaine and guns, arrested Zhou Libo and another man Tang shuang. Two people were arrested when compared with not resisting arrest.

sources said the two will be charged with illegal possession of drugs, illegal possession of firearms, illegal possession of firearms charges, while Zhou Libo was also controlled to drive the use of mobile phones. The

report also said that Zhou Libo in July last year the "Shanghai Qing mouth" to the New York Carnegie hall, said love New York City, a beautiful skyline and hometown Shanghai.

learned that two Chinese citizens were arrested by the police, the Consulate General of China in New York has been verified to the local police station to understand the situation. Consulate General will pay close attention to the progress of the case, in a timely manner to provide consular assistance to Chinese citizens.

Zhou Libo bail from the court of

local time in New York on the morning of 20, Zhou Libo in Long Island Nassau County Court, the judge granted its $5000 cash bail pending trial, the next court date is March 9th.

U.S. law provides for 48 hours after the first hearing, but at any time the suspect may be released on bail, the method is a cash payment of bail. Lawyers believe that the general for foreign people involved, the judge may consider to avoid the absconding may to some extent increase the amount of bail.

New York local Chinese lawyer Liu Longzhu introduced after the incident, the two lawyers in court hearing arrangements. According to the court, Zhou Libo was charged with four counts, including illegal possession of drugs, illegal possession of weapons, illegal possession of firearms, the use of mobile phones while driving. Tang was arrested with him accused of the first three charges, because it is currently a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is likely to affect their studies.

Zhou Libo Legal Advisor: difficult to determine whether the drug

Delta Zhou Libo (data plan)

20 PM, an interview with the media legal adviser to Zhou Libo Tu Lei, Tu Lei said, the U.S. media reported that just found cocaine in the car trunk, and the other people on the bus, the car is not belong to he also was not clear, so now is not whether it was his or his drug use, all need to look at the follow-up report.

if the gun possession charges Zhou Libo at least two years in prison

according to the criminal law of New York in the United States, regardless of whether the citizens of the United States, if the illegal cocaine possession of less than 500 mg, belong to a misdemeanor, a maximum sentence of 1 years; if the illegal possession of drugs is higher than 500 mg, a maximum sentence of two and a half years. The illegal possession of firearms sentence for a minimum of 1 years, the highest for 15 years, Zhou Libo does have a gun license, legal firearms and so on are the first type, whether this part of the criteria of conviction. So, if Zhou Libo illegal possession and illegal gun charges, he will be at least 2 years in prison.

lawyers, if foreign citizens including the U.S. green card holders involved in criminal cases in the United States, and can immediately enjoy the freedom of the body returned to work as usual, once convicted, must go through the local legal trial, punishment and prison. Even if Zhou Libo bail success, but also to participate in the trial in the United States, this time may be up to six months. Waiting for the time of detention and the sentence can be deducted".

arrested suspected together young scientists

" the police released photos of the Tang Shuang was arrested after

was arrested at the same time in addition, Zhou Libo and a man named Tang shuang. In the list of concerns Zhou Libo micro-blog, there is a man named Tang Shuang MIT, personal data for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, suspected of being arrested at the same time with Tang Tang Shuang, Zhou Libo.

2012 reported in Chengdu, China boys Tang Shuang doctor of science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the Department of materials science and engineering, a theory of physics and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor Tang Shuang highest Chief Joseph Moorhouse Cui proposed, named "Tang Shuang Cui - Joseph Moorhouse" theory, Tang Shuang also became the MIT website cover.

a Zhou Libo micro-blog screenshot, left two suspected Tang Shuang

it is understood that the two met in the Tang Dynasty. During studying at Fudan University, Zhou Libo worked at micro-blog drying out of the two photo, and called for "the genius of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Tang shuang".

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