Hilary attended the inauguration of Trump solemnly

Hilary Trump ceremony expression

zhongguoribaowang· 2017-01-21 12:25:53

Hilary appeared in a white dress Houses of Parliament, attended the inauguration ceremony of Trump. (photo: IC)

China News Network January 21 local time on January 20th, the inauguration of the new president of the United States Trump is about to be held. Trump's former rival, Hilary and her husband, came to Congress to attend the ceremony on. A white dress Hilary expression relaxed.

Hilary arrives with her husband, Clinton, congress. (image: Oriental IC)

a white dress Hilary's expression relaxed, id_imagebox_2, img_box. (photo: IC)

" Trump's former rival,, and her husband, Clinton, went to the venue in the id_imagebox_3. (photo: IC)

Hilary enters the venue in id=. (source: Oriental IC)

" Hilary look slightly dignified. (photo: IC)

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