Woman allergic to her husband only video chat to meet

Allergy video chat husband and wife woman

zhongxinwang· 2017-01-21 12:25:59

" on the day of the wedding picture: they promise to each other, regardless of life in any matter, all love each other to death before separation.

Beijing January 21, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. state of Minnesota because of a woman suffering from a disease, let her taste for many allergies, including her beloved husband, two people in a room not only, or even not have physical contact. Even so, they still through video communication, and never abandon.

29 year old Johanna suffering from a rare disease called "Syndrome" (Mast Cell Activation). She was with her husband Stott after marriage is more serious, she leads to dysregulation of the immune system, began to appear severe rash, migraine and other symptoms, to almost anything will allergies, even smell the taste of Stott will be allergic.

can only meet through video chat

the couple's way of life has changed dramatically, so they have to live in different rooms upstairs and downstairs.

had more than a year's time, Johanna can only shut himself in the room, every day and her husband through video chat, meet.

due to the special constitution, Johanna room doors and windows are sealed, but also to open the air filter for a long time, or may be fatal anaphylactic shock. The only chance for

two to go out is to go to the hospital. But it was also very painful for Johanna, who had a violent reaction to the smoke on the street and even had a taste for pizza.

every time before going out to the hospital, Stott had to use the fastest speed in the car into the embrace of Johanna.

love without regret decided life

American media began to report the story of two people last year, said Johanna, in the face of the rare disease, their wedding day to the other party make a promise, no matter in life no matter what happens, all love each other to death before separation.

even when she was 90 years old, still suffering from the disease, she will still be loyal to her husband, still love him.

Stott is still never abandon, every evening, home to prepare for her exclusive dinner for Johanna, and then through the video and talk to her.

he said, and his wife is willing to face the next treatment career, but also look forward to be able to usher in a day of improvement of her condition, this affection touched countless people.

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