And Zhou Libo was arrested Tang Shuang who?

Zhou Libo heavy thermal electricity with the text

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according to foreign media reports, China famous comedian Zhou Libo night drive hunting, in Long Island Caiting Dayton (Lattingtown) intercepted by the police search. Allegedly, the police from the car and found the guns and cocaine, Zhou Libo and another man Tang Shuang (Shuang Tang, transliteration) was arrested on the spot, will go on trial for 20 days. Chengdu Business Daily reporter survey was informed that Tang Shuang is a Chengdu, who studied in Chengdu seven.

"Zhou Libo

" another man arrested Tang Shuang

Chengdu Daily reporter query client of sina Zhou Libo micro-blog, 30 people from his concern, found a micro-blog called "Tang Shuang MIT" user.

" at his micro-blog, Chengdu Daily reporter found that the client, Tang Shuang published the first micro-blog in April 26, 2012, while micro-blog's content is to send yourself on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) website cover article.

OMG! The Tang Dynasty was not ordinary people!

" according to foreign media reports, Tang Shuang boarded the cover of MIT article reads the latest physics theories, named "Tang Shuang Cui - Joseph Moorhouse theory". This year, 31 year old Tang Shuang from Chengdu, who studied in Chengdu,, Fudan University, MIT Institute of materials science and Engineering Department of doctor of science. According to reports, this is the first time for young Chinese scientists to become the home page of the hospital website cover.

attended a Chengdu student in seven to the Chengdu Business Daily reporter confirmed this client, and Zhou Libo was arrested Tang Shuang, is on the MIT homepage, cover seven and graduated from Chengdu Fudan University Chengdu Tang shuang.

2012" in November 2nd, Tang Shuang Bo said again, "Mr. Guo Degang come to the United States to perform, in order to repay the audience, the fare is ninety percent off fold again, now buy 5 get 4 free, don't miss the chance, we hurry to buy ah! Chengdu Business Daily reporter again in accordance with the Shuang Tang, MIT and other information in foreign social networking sites to search and found Tang Shuang Facebook account.

" he said in his page, he attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Fudan University, Chengdu seven.

2012" in May 20th, Tang Shuang posted a photo of him and Zhou Libo on Facebook, and write "Look who we met at Harvard Zhou Li Bo commedian Zhou Libo".

again to introduce the elder brother's life. Allegedly, Tang Shuang's research has been supported by the U.S. air force, the U.S. Department of energy to support the project. His theory of physics, "Tang Shuang - Cui Moorhouse" theory, may lead to a major revolution in the electronic IT industry, thermoelectric energy industry and basic physics. The major achievements by the United States, the world of physics and other news media in a variety of languages in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, Finland, South Korea and other countries. Trey Arthur House is MIT's top scientists, electronic engineering and computer science and physics professor, former teachers from Fermi, Chen Ning Yang sister. As the founder of Fermi graphene, carbon nanotube, nano thermal electrical, Raman spectroscopy and many other fields, pioneer.

he has many titles, he is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of materials science and engineering Fudan University researchers, "Zhouyi" association of Permanent Honorary President, Societe Generale Global Fund Chinese Cultural Forum Organizing Committee member, overseas executive, "Renaissance forum" Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Harvard University forum executive. "

" "news links

Zhou Libo's ex-wife has exposed its history of drug

in fact, as early as 2009, Zhou Libo's ex-wife Zhang Jie had burst he suspected drug video. In an interview, Zhang Jie also revealed that Zhou Libo is in the period of 2004 to 2008 came into contact with all kinds of drugs, "he will play ecstasy, k powder, marijuana, I advised useless, many times his parents called condemning, sometimes threatened to call the police, he begged me not to get" friends have he advised "brother is not saved". But then Zhou Libo explained that he was drunk, not drug.

2015, Zhang Jie wrote in the Zhou Libo denounced the "seven sins" in the article: "Zhou Libo, you don't lie! You're not a drug addict, you've had four years of drug abuse! In Yanan Road, a hotel in Xujiahui, a place in the Hua Ting Hotel And Towers bar in … … you again taking drugs to explode, you become unconscious, the evil associates call at midnight, who is a drag like pigs to drag you back, you have forgotten! Who doesn't know you're taking drugs in your circle of friends? "A few months later, Zhou Libo made himself a lying on the couch in the micro-blog pictures, with the text" seasick? Drunk? Drug abuse? You happy No~~Make!! Suspected denied drug rumors.

he was also in Zhejiang.

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