Allergy to WiFi? The British woman almost nowhere to hide

WiFi allergy UK residence

zhongxinwang· 2017-01-21 12:26:14


vision China Beijing in January 21, according to foreign media reports, the Internet now covers almost all over the world, but a British woman, but for wireless internet access (WiFi) is an allergic reaction, so she lost her home and work, almost no escape. It is reported by

, the Internet and mobile phone signal transmitting station to send the WiFi signals will produce electromagnetic fields, 43 year old Hinx claimed she therapist allergic reactions to electromagnetic, chattering, burning will be severe rash and headache, therefore, she moved to friends garden under the storage shed shelter, away from the "bad" signal.

she said, the first symptom is mild, whenever the wireless headset connected mobile phone on your ear, 10 minutes after a burning sensation, and once the open computer wirelessly to the Internet, will feel very tired, was forced to be inserted line internet.

she later found in the vicinity of the mobile phone antenna rod increased from 2G to 4G, and moved to a new neighborhood in the wall placed BT signal hub, so she was forced to move home rental for 17 years.

, however, electromagnetic allergies are not recognized by the current WHO disease, and that there is no scientific basis for the symptoms of Xin Yan and electromagnetic field release of substances linked.

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