Apple iOS11 new features exposure, group chat party cool

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ITzhijia· 2017-01-21 12:26:18

1 Sept. 21 in accordance with the laws issued in previous years, Apple will be in June of this year's WWDC2017 show the new iOS11 system, it will bring a new change in which new features have become the focus of attention of the user.

" according to Israeli Verifier revealed that Apple will break the current FaceTime video call to one of the restrictions on iOS 11, began to support the group video calls (supports up to 5 people, in addition to the group call) have more social elements to join in. The

function has been in many third party instant messaging tools can be realized, the apple FaceTime this improvement can only be seen on the existing function of reinforcing and improving, especially CallKit characteristics such as open, third party software can also use a similar phone, FaceTime connection request prompt prompt close to the way of primary show, even more diverse gameplay features. According to

reports, Apple will be the fastest in the iOS10.3 have some interface elements of change, such as previous exposure theater mode, it is very probably to further extend the application interface of the earlier part of the dark, may eventually be achieved in real mode black theme OLED screen appears after iPhone.

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Apple iOS11 new features exposure, group chat party cool

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