The town was occupied by the peacock for 6 years.

Peacock small town man of God scratch

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… … recently, the villagers said that we have this day this can not have a! Why????? Turned out to be peacocks provoke trouble & hellip; & hellip;

from more than six years ago, village appeared peacocks, don't know what to and are not afraid of people, every day the swagger was swinging in the village, with the uncle like.

male peacocks not more beautiful than their own biological and if they after a car, in the car to see his own reflection, this guy would beak and claws to various attacks the car. So you have to say why there are so many scratches on the car here? Well, peacock. The owners finally have not to argue, can only silently fill his own pocket paint.

before them to town very clean & hellip; now, however, the town is full of their Baba fly directly into your yard, think of your home as his own family, go left a pile of Baba to you. Class= img_box "

if the pull on the carpet …; Oh Da, which can not wash off the wash. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" have you heard the peacock called it? Come here, to the mating season these guys started crazy call, day and night without stopping the. Sleep? Don't think about it. Their arrival broke the quiet village, the villagers endure six years, intermediate also find a government, police and animal tissues to pipe, however, did not one ignores them.

recently they unbearable to outbreak, a grandmother picked up the gun said to and the peacock "battle". The old woman was very angry and felt that the peacock was destroying their living environment.

villagers has recently even launched a petition, complaint peacock is "vandalism", they hope to find a better place to go to the peacock, the petition to get the support of more than 100 people, the government is also investigating the noise generated by the peacock is not really in violation of the regulations.

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