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smart mobile phone now, fast charging technology has become popular, even if is the output of the 5V/2A specifications can not be called fast charge, but by the limitations of battery technology, battery life is the most important experience to enhance the quality, therefore, in addition to the "flow is not smooth, the primary reference element has become a vast life most consumers buy mobile phone.

our daily said "mobile phone consumption", in different circumstances, should be comprehensive value, a number of indicators in spite of this, there are several large power intelligent mobile phone on the culprit. First of all, the screen and CPU/GPU occupy the power giant, and the communication module on the baseband and RF power, the mobile phone also has no small impact, the impact on the wireless signal poor situation especially .

previously, the Internet had such a rumor: Unicom 4G more power than mobile 4G. "So, is this rumor true? Today, we have to put aside other factors, simply from the wireless network to go up, in the end China Unicom 4G power consumption is really higher than the mobile 4G?

Unicom 4G and mobile 4G what is the difference?

4G network refers to the fourth generation mobile phone mobile communication standards, including TD-LTE and FDD-LTE two formats. LTE is based on OFDMA technology, developed by the 3GPP organization of the global standard, including FDD and TD two models for paired spectrum and unpaired spectrum.

" (the picture from the network)

can be clearly seen from the table, mobile 4G is used in TD-LTE standard, while China Unicom 4G is using "FDD TDD" hybrid network the form of "double 4G" model, including 3 Band (Unicom FDD-LTE band) for the main band, and Band 40/41 (Unicom TD-LTE band) as a supplement to basic FDD-LTE spectrum of insufficient capacity, play a role in some crowded areas.

: can be seen simply as a mobile 4G TD-LTE, Unicom 4G as FDD-LTE (in most cases) .

has more than the premise, you can explain the theory from the why there will be Unicom 4G more power than mobile 4G rumors.

TDD (time division duplex)

TDD (full name: Time Division Duplexing), also known as "TD", translated as "Chinese tdd". In the communication system of TDD mode, different time slots are received and transmitted in the same frequency channel so as to ensure that the receiving and transmitting information does not interfere with each other. Can be understood as intermittent emission, receiving information when the RF power amplifier does not work.

FDD (frequency division duplex)

FDD (full name: Frequency Division Duplexing), translated into Chinese "frequency division duplex". FDD standard mode is the simultaneous transmission of uplink and downlink data, requires two independent channels, a downward to transmit information, the other is used to send information, at the same time between the two channels have a protective band to prevent interference. It can be understood that the RF power amplifier has been working. The

RF module of mobile phone communication on power consumption is the biggest power, therefore, purely theoretically inferred FDD standard for more power than the TDD standard, it is not difficult to understand "(with FDD-LTE as the main force of China Unicom 4G mobile 4G) than power" this sentence the rumor.

of course, theory and reality will always be some differences, rumors are true to pass the test to know, then, the following were measured and verified on power 4G Unicom and mobile 4G (remind: all data are for mobile phone power consumption, power consumption, power consumption, including screen CPU baseband and RF power, therefore the data obtained from the test, only for the comparison between the two, please read three times) .

, China Unicom 4G mobile 4G low frequency data exchange test

test platform: Qualcomm snapdragon 821 test models: ASUS Zenfone 3 flagship test: under the same conditions, every 10 seconds to send a test machine WeChat session message, recording power curves of Unicom 4G and mobile 4G and the average power consumption. Each standard test is 1 minutes long.

in order to avoid the impact of other variables to the maximum extent, the test uses the same cell phone, and shut down the test project (WeChat) in addition to all networking applications and application push.

" at the same time, before the test of signal strength of China Unicom and move for a test, to ensure that the entire testing process are in relatively good network environment. Test results of

the conclusion according to the results of the test, and little difference between the two (power chart at the beginning and end of the two peak is generated open test tools and save the test data, however, when) according to the test results, the average power of this test, China Unicom 4G is about 421mW, Mobile 4

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