With an egg, female college students earned 160 thousand!

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chicken, chicken

and everything about the red net, WeChat


expression on

and chicken, are outdated,

including a "egg"

" is not that familiar?

, is this group of lovely "Wang egg" expression package,

is the originator of Zhejiang finance and Economics University of Oriental Studies

Chinese language and literature major graduates Wang Ling,

this year is already the "Wang egg" series of fourth sets.

" of course students also love to use the expression package group, before the China University Media Union initiated the investigation on expression of the national package of more than 5000 students, of which 88% of the respondents said in social software in chat, will use the expression package and 37% of respondents in the online chat emoticons package "high frequency, chat cannot do without the expression", 51% of respondents said "expression of emotion or other required".

and waxy and stupid "Wang egg" in WeChat

expression package in the world, "Wang

egg" is a star,

in early 2013, the first set of "Wang egg" series expression package on the popular university campus.

" to the Spring Festival,

fourth sets of "Wang egg" expression package came out,

again brush red WeChat group of College students.

" in the design of Wang Ling, "Wang

egg" is a soft and adorable and waxy and stupid and stay the egg, "

is mainly to show the character design, QQ play stupid adorable. "

"she said, a lot of

's own inspiration comes from life,

usually chat with friends some very interesting details,

and some love action,

will draw down.

Wang Ling love painting since childhood,

University, nicknamed "Wang eggs", so she created

expression package with the name

, "the on-line" Wang egg "is the third and fourth sets of

, there are a lot of change in size, expression etc.. "

Wang Ling said:

" before two sets in WeChat is also quite popular, there are about 80 thousand times reward

, a reward of about 2 yuan.

this time just two sets of on-line,

people are not playing a lot of fun,

about one thousand or two thousand. "

talented students in Zhejiang can be more than one Wang Ling, recently, a large advertising professional student Yao Mengdan Modern University of science and technology Chinese measurement University, not only to their own school to do a group of expression package, 6 Universities to neighboring do the face pack.

" this expression package was adorable, is seven people in the dance, every individual on behalf of a school, the school badge is the head villain pattern, while the body is wearing a variety of cute clothes, boy and girl.

source: Evening News reporter Lin Xiaoying

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