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wangyiyouxi· 2017-02-03 14:45:42

in "Final Fantasy" 30 anniversary of the opening ceremony, we do not see the SE announced a new "Final Fantasy" brand series of games, but according to the producer Shinji Hashimoto revealed that SE was a new "Final Fantasy" in game development.

told the Japanese game magazine "Fahmi" interview, Hashimoto confirmed that there are new "Final Fantasy" in the development of the game, and that from now on SE for multiple projects. He also said that SE is preparing for the publication of the new release includes not only the host game, suggesting that there are other hand travel platform.

this year is the final fantasy 7, the advent of the 20 anniversary, which, Hashimoto said there will be a new work, but it can not be said that the possibility of Kitase (producer) will update some new news.

"Final Fantasy 15" launched at the end of last year, currently known FF game development, including the "Final Fantasy 7 remake" and "Final Fantasy 12 remake", are basically the same old stuff, I hope as soon as possible SE announced a new "Final Fantasy" game.

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