Bad habits can affect the health of children?

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lingyuwang· 2017-02-03 16:59:14

, parents will affect the child's health habits,


criticized the criticism of his appearance in his appearance will convey a self-esteem depends on how much weight, not good-looking clothes message. Your children, especially girls, will be affected by what your mother says. This may lead to unhealthy habits of children, or a diet.


food boost mood if you often use food to eliminate your sadness or disappointment, it may be passed on to the child health information, food is used to make you feel good. So when the child is not happy, will develop such a habit.

bad habits will also be passed on to children.

3, use too many mobile phones

if you often use mobile phones in front of the children, then you can not ask him not to use the phone on the table. Children who spend too much time on the screen are prone to sleepiness, school performance and weight problems.

4, emphasis on the appearance of material

many girls like to dress up, but experts believe that the quality of attention than the superficial external good. Teach children to use some natural way to increase the attraction, like sports, walking, and it can also help to relieve the pressure of her.


drinking boost mood if you're busy after work, will use alcohol to relieve the pressure of their own, this will give children the wrong idea, of course, is the same coffee. You should use a healthy way to relieve the pressure, like sports, relaxed entertainment etc..

6, everything must compete

if you often let the children have a competitive attitude to their peers, and sometimes lead to a sense of failure of the child. Instead, you should actively strengthen, praise the child to do his best, and let him focus on the fun and the process of the game, rather than the eye in the results.

7, always argue

if you often quarrel with your spouse, argue, your child will learn you. Quarrel may temporarily relieve your mood, but it will worsen the relationship, which will be passed to the wrong child relationship approach.


transfer negative messages if you often transfer negative information in children around, which will let the children become negative, feel useless, even no advantage. Therefore, you should pay more attention to your own words.

two, parents should teach children?


, set a good example in order to avoid the child to learn bad habits, so you should pay attention to your behavior, children always learning everything from your body. Set an example by yourself to avoid some bad behavior.

2, give the positive environment

in addition to you and your partner, you should also give the child a positive living environment. Therefore, including your family, friends, should be able to give children positive energy.

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