The month of disease can be cured

The month of disease Chinese medicine sleep joint

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month of disease can be cured,

1 month of disease can be cured

month postpartum women disease is easier to cure disease, childbirth difficulty is relatively large, but also not cure. The month of disease found sooner have a greater chance of treatment.

month of disease is not necessarily to confinement, some women in confinement, because of the cold, diet, sleep and other reasons, a month of disease. Some people hear the diseases of the yard, must be treated well in the yard to treatment, so the heart anxious, worried.

"month confinement cure" refers to the yard got sick to take the time to treatment, but not to the yard was the disease only in the month after month rule, cannot be cured, or only in the next month in order to cure. Some frail, after full bed rest and good nutrition, some diseases can be improved, which makes some elderly people mistakenly think that the "confinement" can cure some disease.

but there are many diseases, such as bacterial infection and other diseases, it is difficult to cure rest and nutrition alone, have to use drug to disease treatment corresponding to the body, alone in the month of rest is absolutely not enough.

2, what are the month of disease

2.1, women in the yard door cou bones open, blood weakness, and emptiness, accidentally wind cold dampness evil invasion, this month of disease in clinical symptoms are numbness, headache, dizziness, Qu Shen adverse, swelling, dull, dull, eat less and less urination was cold, afraid of the wind, sweating, active joint pain, cold, wind pain symptoms, good clothes, serious cases the heat of summer wear clothes, the theory of traditional Chinese medicine for cold evil.

2.2", because of excessive anxiety, sadness, melancholy wind cry, easily lead to liver qi stagnation, resulting in poor blood, Qi and blood stagnation by easy to lose nutrition, accidentally wind pathogen can invade.

2.3 women, sex is banned in the yard, excessive sexual intercourse of Yin, yin deficiency injury, two bones lead to empty, wind can be headed into, its main clinical symptoms: in addition to afraid of cold wind, joint pain, mainly was heavy, weak, sleepy backache pain, fatigue, part patients with symptoms of rheumatoid rheumatism is.

2.4, due to postpartum blood loss anemia, causing intrauterine congestion, caused by weakness, dizziness, abdominal pain, back pain and other confinement disease.


3.1, the month confinement attack attack time during confinement

during confinement without a good mother conditioning, it is very likely to be infected with confinement disease.

during confinement of these things will let mother suffering from confinement: touch cold water, eating ice watermelon, play mobile phone, play computer, backless dress and so on, these are one of the important reasons causing disease in female friend confinement.

so the mother in confinement when we must pay attention, do not put in confinement as unheeded advice that will increase the suffering from disease, confinement may.

3.2, the month attack time confinement after

in the postpartum period, no good confinement, sit all the things you want to do, perhaps a better physique of female friends in the postpartum period and no confinement disease symptoms, but in finish the month after the month of disease slowly a bit the highlighted.

force, at the time of delivery and birth injury and sweating blood, will easily lead to the deficiency of yin and blood, if coupled with postpartum recuperation accidentally, in confinement when the month of disease is not apparent, but probably emerged in confinement after.


1, recipe:

: walnut meat (about a hand grab), put in the bowl crumbled, slightly crushed it. After the rice wine poured into the bowl, with a large bowl of food, about 1/3-1/2 bowls of wine, and then put the walnut meat. Knock an egg into (eggs, then don't beat) put 4 spoonfuls of sugar. If you do not feel sweet, cooked and then add sugar. Water vapor, the first to open fire, water roll after a small fire steamed 20 minutes on it.

2, two prescriptions:

practices: black beans fry to semi coke, soak in Yellow Wine in about a week, 3 times a day, every time 15 ~ 20 ml, drink. Of course, in normal life, we must pay attention to food problems.

3, three prescriptions:

practice: Radix rehmanniae, safflower, sapanwood, Vitex, the flower, egg, sugar. The radix rehmanniae, safflower, sapanwood, after 20 minutes, Vitex decoction after the flower, the egg boiled in Poached Egg, cooked in brown sugar in a bowl, add egg soup and medicine, eat egg soup. Each bowl, three times a day. It is important to note that the drug must be in menstruation when eating, in the first day of menstruation began to eat. How to prevent


cold confinement disease and careful maternal puerperal to avoid cold, not cold or cold drinks, food can not eat or excitant food. Pregnant women should pay special attention to avoid physical exertion or mental stimulation. Normal delivery, cesarean section, postpartum spontaneous abortion, there are suffering from confinement disease may, therefore we must pay attention to.

2, do not over active joints

a little stimulation before delivery will appear after childbirth small problems

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