Chinese pinyin code Daquan, too rare, for the children of!

Children of Chinese Pinyin rhymes

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, a

: use pinyin Pinyin useful, read need it,

help to learn Mandarin, we are determined to learn it well.

two, 6

a single vowel single vowel, is very important, pronouncing to set,

big mouth

alpha alpha alpha, from O O O round mouth,

mouth flat

e e e I I I, teeth alignment, small mouth

u U < /p>

u, u u u to whistle.

, a million, only now I have

s h, from

. Case reports usually connected report three,

concentration of

a standard tone sound level, two

three sonion; four sound sound turn down.


. A dray dray a

uphill, downhill uphill

million million million



, handjack, 21 four initial consonant + Zero consonant (< strong>Y, W) on

initials read carefully, then by air pronunciation.

is like a 6 word

b B B, P P P

water basin; two:

m m m, a stick f f f;

d d d horseshoe walk, an umbrella t t t;

n n n a door, a stick l l l;

9 with the word

and and hook and a machine gun, k k k;

h h h chair, j j and I j hook;

like a 9 word

q Q Q x x, a fork in X;


zh Zh Zh C chair, and chair ch ch ch;

s sh

sh sh chair, Japanese r r r

seedlings; like a 2 word

z Z Z c c c, half circle;


s s half a word like s, Y Y Y


w w w (roof is connected to an w w like w).

five, the rules of writing

line three of the heart of the four grid, the alphabet inside.

grew up on his arm, and his tail was long.

lattice must be full, on the grid under grid welt.

six, distinguish the easy mixed initial consonants:

right semicircle PPP, right circular BBB;

the upper left half qqq, left half ddd.

(lower left half DDD, left on the right half qqq, half BBB, half PPP on the right) writing letters:

seven, a vertical bending, alpha


alpha; circle circle, O

o o;


e short horizontal semicircular, e

; the short vertical point, I

i I;

u with vertical vertical bending,

u u;

u plus two, u


u; vertical semicircular left, and and


; vertical left turn point, J

j J

; vertical and left vertical bending, h and N;

right oblique left oblique

, y and X; vertical and left oblique right oblique, K

k K

; bending vertical and cross the f

f f

; vertical bending and cross the t

t t

; inclined on the inclined, w

w W;

Z UHPS cross,

z Z;

left turn right S

s s bend.

eight, j y and x




q x y spells naughty, and u never together;

saw the small u more naughty, blowing bubbles go round small U.

nine, standard tuning rule


o e, then I U U.

i, u and I in the column after the transfer point with superscript, not empty



two syllable spelling: Spelling: accent front light short, two tone with a touch!

three: spelling sound light mediated fast vowel sound, three tone tone without interruption.

eleven, b, d, and , p, t, k, D, and

b to distinguish the sound, weak airflow, slip out of the front of the mouth;

(B, D, J, Zh, Z, and

p), t, K, air, mouth before the disk random jitter.

(P, t, K, Q, CH, c)

twelve, cacuminal:

to distinguish tongue flat against the back of the upper teeth, that is Z, C, s;

tongue slightly tilted against the upper gum, is D, t and N, l;

tongue curled up. Against the hard palate before, is Zh, CH, R and sh.


finals finals really interesting, two single vowels together.

before the heavy light after the hair, a read is it.


I. After the alpha alpha I alpha i

and my sister is tall.

e I


after work hard

ei EI ei.



after sister scarf smiled.


o. After the alpha alpha o alpha o

aunt wearing flower jacket.

o u after



ou ou

lotus lotus is the sea

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