If you only see Qing Dong's lipstick and ignore the education behind, then you can be wrong!

Education Spring Festival Gala Qing Dong lipstick

senbayuer· 2017-02-03 20:29:36

" this year's Spring Festival, the most unexpected,

is not without Qing Dong dancing, singing,

boarded the hot search with only a lipstick!! We

" Spring Festival is still in progress,

users are busy with her lipstick brand.

because it is too good-looking too white,

people want to buy! Buy! Buy!

, but Qing Dong's lipstick,

, how can you grab the color of the gala? Behind this can There is much fineness in


1973 Qing Dong was born in Shanghai.

her parents both graduated from Fudan University,

father Dong Shanxiang is the chief editor of the newspaper,

mother Kim is a professor of University physics.

Qing Dong has graduated from,

Shanghai Theater Academy 1999 undergraduate classes,

East China Normal University, the 2002 graduate student class,

MFA, Shanghai Theater Academy, master of arts.

and her father was a poor country boy,

is relying on its own unremitting efforts and perseverance,

became a top student, rewrite the fate of a lifetime.

so he also had the same expectations for his daughter Qing Dong,

since childhood to her cast a "devil's education",

hope that she can have self-discipline, tenacious, hard work quality.

but who would have thought: the father had brought Qing Dong's childhood "shadow",

let her once doubt whether he is his own daughter.

until one day, his father raised his glass to apologize to her,

should not use this way for you......

today Qing Dong laments: father's "tiger dad" education,

let her learn to adhere to......

Qing Dong on childhood shadow tears


childhood "shadow"

as the only daughter of Qing Dong, have never tasted is regarded as "a pearl in the palm".

don't look in the mirror : Qing Dong was born in Shanghai, 7 years old began to be around their parents. The father asked her housework: wash the dishes every day, rub; she does not command many mirror: "my father has a saying: potato is then dressed potatoes, he said you spend every day in the mirror of the time not as much reading". In addition, the father did not let her mother to Qing Dong to do new clothes, that girls can not be too much emphasis on dressing up.

copy ancient texts, exercise : Qing Dong slightly can let her dad read every copy of idioms, and recite poetry, read aloud. A little older, and let her copy of ancient prose. In addition to literary literacy, but also exercise. Not bright days, my father put in sleep shouted Qing Dong, let her home Huaibei middle school playground run one kilometer: "at that time, students exercise, I am a person running in the 400 meters on the runway, feel silly, the entire school teachers and students seem to look at you, like Agam. "

work : middle school after the summer vacation every year, father let Qing Dong" work study". Qing Dong talked about the most poignant experience: "I was only 15 years old, the first day to the hotel when the cleaners, the 10 rooms, the bed of the 20, a person cleaning. "When the single bed mattress lifted a corner, particularly demanding. At that time, Qing Dong feel very aggrieved, his father went to the hotel to see her: I saw him, wow to cry, said too tired, I quit...... He touched my head very hard, and said hold on".

all kinds of bitter experience once let Qing Dong doubt whether he is not born.


father apologi said

Qing Dong, a holiday, a family of three in the father's proposal, rare restaurants to eat a meal: "eating, father suddenly raised his glass: I respect you a cup. I apologize for what I want, so many years, I have a lot of wrong way for you, you don't take it personally. "Here, Qing Dong's tears fell off at once. She said, the meal, never drink himself and dad drank a bottle of wine......

Qing Dong also slowly understand the father's education method. Qing Dong's father grew up in the countryside, living in poverty. Qing Dong's grandfather died, my grandmother gave birth to the elder son, mother and child. "Before my father went to school every day, have to go to the pond to catch fish, shrimp, followed by my grandma to the market to sell them, earn some living expenses to go to school.

high school, my father asked the school teacher: "what college should I take? The teacher said: "you are so fond of liberal arts, Fudan University Department of journalism. "

at the time, Qing Dong's father did not know this famous university is famous professional exam, make every effort, eventually admitted to the.

"my father's own experience, let him in a special point, is the fate of people to rely on their own

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