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in many public places, random observation is not difficult to find, and now a lot of children almost all eyes are on the phone, or even a iPad hand, watching the animation in the game.

not only outside, at home, many children can not do without tv.

didn't watch TV? Don't eat! Didn't watch TV? Don't sleep!

, tiger, etc. almost bald strong pleasant goat into a child every day to see the "people", without them as if today is not complete.

so parents slowly also took this as a baby to coax the artifact, a word not just turn on the TV, "watch TV" to eat "watch TV" don't cry "to see the TV to sleep".

but in fact allow children to watch TV, in addition to a little easier for parents, the child can be described as a hundred harm and no profit.


Pacific family network "watch less TV and watch TV often children difference lies in:

imagination scientists to love watching TV and reading children did an experiment, they put the children into two groups, one group is to listen to the teacher telling the story of snow white, snow white is a group of cartoon. After listening to the

, let the two groups of children draw their own hearts inside the snow white princess.

listening to the story of a child painting out of the snow white is different, whether from the appearance, dress or expression;

watching animated children painted white snow princess almost as like as two peas because they are the same, see a cartoon.

, a few days later, the scientists asked the child to draw a snow white, the story of the children have a lot more than the last painting and the same, and most of the children to see the animation or the same as last time.

this experiment told us, a cartoon on TV the characters in the story mode, tied to a child's thinking, the children have no imagination, people in their hearts have been immobilized.

"watch less TV and watch TV often children difference lies in: mental neuroscientist

children were classified according to the length of time watching TV, compared the brain image 300 5-18 year old children.

the results clearly demonstrate the effect of the length of the television viewing on the anatomy of the brain, and watching TV for a long time can lead to anatomical changes, thereby reducing the ability of language expression related IQ.

reason it is, because of receiving the information too much, the child's brain can not take the initiative thinking, expression ability, logic ability tends to weaken.

"watch less TV and watch TV often children difference lies in: the vision of

I think this harm is also needless to explain, you know. Now that

knows the problem, it's better to avoid solving the problem.

, here to talk about how parents can intervene the children watch TV

TV! Let books be substitute

in the early stage of child development, full of curiosity of sound and color, so the TV can seize the opportunity to become a necessity in the lives of their children "".

advises parents to help children develop the habit of reading.

in the infant period, parents can belt out a story for the children, make them full of curiosity about books, but also for the children to build the story of the scene, let the children personally on the scene in the real world, exercise their expressive force.

do the child's Playmate

because of busy, tired after work because of various reasons, many parents with children is not a long time.

even think that the child is too noisy, turn on the TV so that children concentrate on watching TV do not disturb their rest.

think about it, so children love watching TV is not full of Ta problem, TV is their only companion, always accompany them, so rely on and love is not strange.

suggested that parents in the busy work, try to relax and interact with their children.

can also do housework together, play games together, improve parent-child intimacy, and gradually reduce the time wasted on TV programs.

arrange the children watching TV time

of the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends: 2 years old children try not to watch TV, because TV for their bad; more than 2 years old children watch TV every day not more than 2 hours.

so, parents should scientifically interfere with the time children watch tv. Parents are advised to list a schedule every week, in which the child can clearly write the specific time to watch TV, more than time to turn off the TV immediately.

at the same time, parents should also stay away from television in their daily lives, to set an example for their children.

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