The boy who hugged me 18 years ago, where are you

Boy years ago net friend

tengxunxinwen· 2017-02-03 21:44:57

2" on the evening of 2 August, Tianjin friends @ little fairy oh oh oh released a 18 years ago looking for a little boy "micro-blog attracted the attention of netizens.

micro-blog says: 1999 my two-year-old birthday, in Tsuen Wan Lai, a boy wearing a gray suit across the glass door and I have been face to face, his mother opened the door the boy ran over with me, and now want to with the help of power users looking for the little boy.

" the girl said is inadvertently turn to the two old photos, feel very interesting, so try holding the idea of micro-blog. In response to the comments of users, the girl said she had a boyfriend, and no other meaning, really just want to contact the little boy.

" after the release of micro-blog, get a lot of friends blessing, even the netizen message said, are single words together. Users also take the initiative to provide clues to bless the girl can successfully find the boy.

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