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GRE how to get high scores in mathematics? The secret is to see the latest mathematics by February 12th

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liuxuexiaozhan· 2017-02-03 22:58:06

2 12 is the first GRE examination in 2017 after the Spring Festival, Chinese new year the first battle nature should have a good beginning, if you can successfully overcome the GRE then after the application process will be completed more smoothly. And because just spent the Spring Festival holiday, perhaps many students learning state has not been fully restored, this time we need some fresh and practical review of information to refresh. The teacher station GRE to bring the latest GRE forecast by February 12, 2017. Dad get high marks to see it!

2 month 12 days by other kinds of questions: reading / writing / in the prediction of please go here

1. Points R S title, and T, lie on a number line, where S is between R and T. The distance between R and S is 6, and the distance between R and T is 15.

Quantity A:the distance between the midpoints of lines segments RS and ST

Quantity B:the distance between S and T

A. Quantity A is greater.

B. Quantity B is greater.

C. The two quantities are equal.

D. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given.

answer: B

< P> topic analysis: Quantity A length of RT, 7.5, Quantity B length of 15-6=9, so choose B.

2. x, y and, Z are the lengths of the sides of a triangle.

Quantity A:x+y+z

Quantity B:2*z

answer: A

: Subject Analysis on both sides is greater than the third side, so x+y+z>2*z

3. Rectangle R has length x+y>z. 30 and width 10, and square S has length perimeter of S is 5 The what fraction of the perimeter of R ___/___

? Correct answer: 20,80

topic analysis: R circumference is 80 S, the perimeter is 20, according to the topic request, in front of 20, behind in 80. According to OG, if the candidates to 1/4 is correct.


1, - 3, 4, 1, - 3, 4, 1, - 3, 4,..

In the sequence above the first repeat without end. What 3 terms is the sum of the terms of the sequence from the 150th term to the 154th term

? Answer: 7

analysis: the topic that the first three questions an infinite loop, so 1, -3, 4 is a cycle. 150th is 4, then 150th to 154th and so on, and 4+ 1+ (-3) +4+1=7


For which of the following bird species is the standard deviation of the numbers of sightings shown for the four seasons least

A. Cardinal

B. Junco

C. Robin

D. Sparrow

E. Wren

the correct answer: D

subject analysis: this problem has two points, the first candidates need to understand the standard deviation concept is the standard deviation. The standard deviation calculation formula of force calculation is more complex, will spend a lot of time, so we can find the solution to save time, the difference between the four data with a minimal set of data was observed, which is the correct answer, so choose D. The

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