Chinese exaggerated family income or family members were repatriated

Immigration income ethnic Chinese exaggeration

zhongguojiaoyuzaixian· 2017-02-03 22:58:27

hearing Chinese ticking network citizen Mr. Tang is a permanent resident of Canada, because of immigration in the guarantee mother, exaggerate their income, not only his own mother not immigrants, immigration status is not guaranteed. The family faces the situation of being sent back to mainland china.

" according to the report, the federal court of Canada said that Mr. Tang in May 2006 and Canadians after marriage, spouse identity, to immigrate to canada. A year later, Tang began to guarantee mother and sister immigrants. According to regulations, his annual salary must be more than 40 thousand Canadian dollars, in order to guarantee the mother and sister emigrated to canada.

2013 in January, Tang's family became permanent residents. Two years later, the Department of immigration found that when the family members of the Tang Dynasty to ensure that their families to exaggerate their income, fill in the work experience of fraud. The Department of immigration said fraud is a serious behavior, Tang's family will no longer be permanent residents. Tang said that he did not fake, is his immigration consultant fraud.

reports that the Canadian government has issued a deportation order to Mr. Tang, and his mother and sister will be sent back to china. Mr. Tang appealed to the court of appeals (IAD) that he could not return to china. The reason is after the divorce, his girlfriend gave birth to a son. His son is only two years old, her illness, can not take care of his son, he is obliged to take care of the children. If he goes back to China, his son will go back to china.

's court rejected the appeal of Mr. tang. Subsequently, Tang went to the federal court to appeal. January 2017, federal judge Mcdonagh (Justice McDonald), said the court failed to appeal.

, according to media reports, the Canadian government has punished immigration fraud, and launched a "rapid immigration" in 2014 (Express Entry) policy, and further increase the "false statement" (misrepresentation) the punishment of the applicant.

once found the Immigration Department will have the right to resort to deceit, the applicant will be deported, and departure within five years does not accept new applicants, even after five years are eligible to apply for, resort to deceit experience also considered within the scope of the immigration officer, it will be very difficult to obtain approval.

Canada is the largest in the history of Chinese immigration fraud or the deportation of more than and 800

was elected president of the United States in Trump, widely expected there will be a wave of new wave of immigrants in canada. But so many Chinese immigrants is not the wave of Chinese immigration and related fraud, began to emerge.

according to Taiwan "Central News Agency" reported on November 30, 2016, Canada has a history of immigration fraud in the largest since the Chinese mastermind Wang Xun at the end of last year, the first instance of the crime, the follow-up effect is expanding, and ultimately deported Chinese may reach 800 people.

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Chinese exaggerated family income or family members were repatriated

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