University of Hong Kong's current president resigns as president of University of Edinburgh

In Britain President Council standing

shaonianshangxueyuan· 2017-02-03 22:59:01

China 2, University of Hong Kong announced that the current president Mathieson (Peter) to resign for personal reasons, he will leave in January 2018.

Hong Kong University Council will start as soon as the global recruitment principal work.

Ma feisen in an email to employees in Hong Kong said, this decision is for personal reasons, after a lot of discussion with my family.

he will serve as president of University of Edinburgh after leaving office.

Ma feisen Hong Kong is the fifteenth president, took office in April 2014, the contract for a period of 5 years, that is until 2019 contract.

due to resign, he will officially resign in January 2018.

Hong Kong University Council Chairman Li Guozhang resigned on Ma feisen decided to show respect.

he pointed out that the Council will discuss the arrangements for the transition period, and will start as soon as possible for the global recruitment of principals.

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