Fast VR experience the soul"

Man move case the second half

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you believe in soul this thing?

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do not think that this is the case, the OBE by psychologist Kenneth · in academia; Lai Inge classified as "near death experience" four stages of

felt his consciousness and even out of body image his body, floating in the air, and has nothing to do with it to see the doctors around their body. A new (accounting for the patient's in 1/3).

and foreign researchers recently launched a really can experience dying before the soul of the VR simulation system, it sounds a bit creepy, what the hell is this?

recently led by the University of Barcelona Mel Slater team of 32 patients tried to wear a Oculus VR company developed VR helmet.

wear a helmet after users will see a virtual body is identical with their perspective from the first, and the virtual body movement and the action of the user is kept completely consistent. This can give users enough sense, let them put the virtual body as their actual body.

in addition, the user's hands and feet are wearing the action sensor and vibration components. If a virtual ball hits the foot of the virtual body, the vibrating element that the user actually wears on the foot will vibrate. When the user is in sync with the virtual body, they are sent to a virtual living room. They can move their legs and kick the ball from a distance.

"content_img_p" then, from the perspective of game player will gradually leave the virtual body, came to the above virtual body, down my body. And this is with people dying before the 'soul' experience is very similar.

in the second half of the experiment, the simulation system allows users to experience the feeling of detachment from his body. Although it sounds scary, the purpose of the experiment is to help people understand death and reduce their fear of death. The test results are very obvious, we feel the fear of death after the simulation system feel a lot of reduced significantly.

dying before the "soul" of this experience, in fact implies that human consciousness can be detached from the body, but also because of this will make people feel death.

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a lot of television dramas stills) also involves a lot of experience theme. Here we give a Netflix drama "The OA Amway" (translated as "prophetic vision"). In addition, the bifurcation of the parallel universe time theme also involves a lot of experiences here in the first story, no spoilers, interested students may wish to personally go to brush, will not let you down.

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