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cnBeta· 2017-02-04 05:46:46

days ago, LG released an invitation, confirmation will be held in the new conference in February 26th. Although LG did not mention the specific models will be released new products, but insiders speculated that it or LG G6. At the same time, the data said, LG G6 will also cancel the modular design, and bring waterproof and dustproof and wireless charging function, while the body material will also change.

LG" that will be held in the new conference

LG confirmed in February 26th the new conference held in February 26th in

, LG or G6 will be equipped with 5.7 inches QHD+ display, its main feature is support 1440× 2880 pixel resolution, and has showed that the proportion of the less common 18:9. In addition, it also reduces the width of the top border and both sides of the border, allegedly to give users a more immersive experience.

and its most concerned about the black technology comes from the internal cooling system. Allegedly, LG or G6 may be equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon processor. In order to prevent the mobile phone temperature is too high and have adverse consequences, LG will be configured for the copper heat pipe cooling system.

is designed so that the heat inside the phone can quickly diverge, will not accumulate in the body of the fixed block, such as near the processor. This system is common in PC, but to have a large number of capillary structure of the enclosed metal tube as the fuselage, the phone to achieve this feature, it seems some incredible. LG G6 how to achieve this feature, it is worth looking forward to.

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