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nuclear plant entrance Reference News Network January 26th U.S. media reported that a forest covered mountains in the cold to CuiShengSheng famous Yangtze River Basin of mustard. But one of them is different. On the top of the hill in Fuling, there was a big chimney overlooking Wujiang. The chimney has been idle since it was built decades ago. Until recent years, the public only know the Central Plains commission. 15 years ago, the local government announced, in a hollow castle inside, once Chinese remained the most magnificent military infrastructure project, which is the 816 top secret nuclear plant.

according to the "New York Times" website reported on January 25th, 816 plants from the beginning of top secret projects. Many of the local people and even many of the soldiers working on the base do not know the real purpose of the project.

secret nuclear plant construction and halt

reported that the project began in the last century in 60s, is the first attempt to build a China can produce weapons grade plutonium nuclear reactor in the Soviet Union were not involved in the case. In order to reduce the possibility of being attacked, the relevant departments made an unusual decision to build the reactor on the ground, so that the design process has become more complicated and challenging.

over the next decade, more than 60 thousand workers took part in this high-risk project. The final completion of the artificial cave is said to be one of the largest in the world, thousands of tons of explosives and withstand the bombing 8 earthquake impact. There are schools, markets, and hospitals in the facility, so that workers can live completely with the world.

for the year more than twenty thousand young soldiers, the day is particularly difficult. A lot of people thought they were about to go to Beijing when they were in the army, but they were assigned to the 816 engineering base. The soldiers of the monthly salary of about 6 yuan, or about $2.44 at the time, the task is to cut the hard rock with only small drill, explosives and shovel.

reported that this is a dangerous job, a lot of pressure on schedule. The soldiers in the "imperialism, revisionism and counter revolutionary for the time than the speed of the slogan" under the incentive to work round the clock. But with the

Chinese embarked on many military projects to carry out a comprehensive "conversion" in the last century at the beginning of 80s, the construction of the nearly completed nuclear plant was suddenly stopped.

now become tourist attractions

reported that 816 nuclear plant after 26 years as a fertilizer plant in 2010, finally revitalized, become a tourist attraction -- during the cold war the odd product, is hit by the unbelievable twist of fate.

, however, for many of the previous workers, the 816 project has yet to allow them to chew the bitter regret.

"at the outset, this project has made these young people pay too much for our lives," said Chen Huaiwen, a 68 year old veteran. He worked in the mountains of gold from 1969 to 1974. "We need to make it clear to the public. Otherwise it would be a huge waste of our efforts and human resources.

in response to this concern, the relevant departments of the 816 base for a year of renovation. Since it was reopened in September 2016, tourists, foreigners, have joined in for the first time - and can now visit about 1/3 of the cave. There are a total of nearly 13 miles (about 20.92 km, the note) long channel.

reported that a few days ago, a group of tourists by a uniformed, foot combat boots, a warm tour guide, in the side of the road, one of the entrance to climb a golf cart. The car was loaded directly into the depths of the mountain, the cold air from the ear. Qi Hong, a tour guide, explained to the microphone: "this hole represents not only the efforts of the 816 workers, but also an important stage in the history of China's national defense and nuclear development. "

Qi Wang explained that at that time, scientists, engineers, soldiers and other logistical personnel gathered from all over the country to build this remote place when only water can reach 816 in engineering. Many of them are the country's top talent, had studied in China's first-class universities, or in the Soviet Union and Japan to study.

Qi Wang stood round about 30 tourists, mostly the elderly China. In the last 90 minutes of the tour, Wang Qi with this group of people walking in a empty reactor hall, exhibition room and the dark staircase of the maze, she often stopped to explain something, so that the elderly tourists can also breath.

reported that the majority of this group of tourists is only recently heard of this project, but they are big enough to understand the government choose to build large nuclear plant in the southwest of China this picturesque place of historical background.

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