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Sniper rifle Marine Corps wind turbine observation mirror

hawk26jiangwutang· 2017-02-04 08:15:31

SHOT SHOW 2017 site, Badger Ordnance brought their new products.

Badger Ordnance company has been established for 35 years, they have been for protection and long distance precision rifle shooting to provide high-quality accessories.

" this time they brought SPF-60 mirror cover is very special, the middle can open a slit, similar to the "cat's eye" effect. The Marine Corps sniper often in plastic lens with a knife carved out a slit, to observe the enemy at the same time can avoid reflective target exposure.

SPF-60 mirror cover closure can also be completely closed.

SPF-60 can also be fully opened, the product is suitable for the objective lens diameter of 60mm optical equipment.

this gadget is really interesting.

wind speed fixing rack.

" to measure wind speed considering the sniper's needs, can the wind is fixed in the mirror through the integrated Picatinny rail, and even rifle.

uses very well.

Badger Ordnance, one of them brought epoch-making development and production of M134 compact precision rifle, the gun barrel is 16 inches (406mm),.308 WIN / 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition fired.

gun with a detachable muzzle cap, easy to install muzzle brake or silencer.

" as a parts enterprises to enter the competition, the quality requirements of high precision rifle field, Badger Ordnance is confident.

" of course, all the accessories such as telescope, two tripod, tripod, three detachable box magazine is Badger Ordnance, a company's own products.

953mm full length of the gun, weighing 4.28 kg, very lightweight.

" button to adjust the length of the butt, very convenient.

stock adjustment of up to 105mm.

", the company has also brought an improved version of Harris bipod, using M-Lok interface.

tripod knob is arranged in the inner side and the non prototype of the outside, so that we can avoid the accident.

Badger Ordnance.

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