Suspect Wang Sicong exposes his new girlfriend and Luhan had one.


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" and King Si Cong suspected woman

with NetEase entertainment reported in February 4th February 1st, a netizen in Sanya Wang Sicong encounter a pedestrian, a long hair beauty arm Wang Sicong's hand, friends said the woman is not to recognize bean and Zhang Xiaomeng, Wang Sicong suspected his new girlfriend.

then the woman made micro-blog said he was not what Wang Sicong's new girlfriend, he was also in Sanya met with Wu Yifan and Wang Sicong. Then she broke the news that his 11 years and Wang Sicong met, but the relationship is very good friends. The woman in a document called micro-blog himself and Luhan had had a relationship, carefully held up from 12 years to talk out emotional contact.

full text: the thing is that

I as early as the end of 11 and Wang Sicong

our relationship is very very very good friend

have time to go shopping together until the Spring Festival dinner about

in Sanya these days vacation

beginning I didn't know he was in Sanya in the WeChat chat and

Wu Yifan

did not know when they do not far away from their

these days we play together

and no online said

… …


and Luhan things have passed

if a man should pursue can

12 know Luhan

is just beginning very common in common friend

and chat

13 at the end of the year we've been in touch ever since

we could chat chatting The feelings of

. At the beginning we did not intend to in

may be time and all sorts of reasons we have created a

we often go shopping together in foreign

together we eat delicacy for almost 4 years

to 16 years everything has changed from

to another

may work out about gradually less time

I understand he

… …

I've been trying to contact him

reply my simple words "busy"

"in the movie"

now keep to Yunkai see

it would start to forget the past.


NC who don't wash the white powder what forced love

I don't have to who who black

I just put things frankly

is really really

I don't need to explain to others that since

It is not important how

this is my sincere

you can't hurt a girl

time will prove it all

time will give me a reasonable

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