Zhao Wei, Hsu Chi, Liu Yifei, and Sheenah... Over the past year, a large wave of actress pregnancy

Liu Yifei Hsu Chi

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star is a pregnant thing, often brought up by netizens hot topic. Because some dress loose or plump and misunderstanding, some female star is because users have reached the preset "son" period, become the "birth of the object".

recently, according to the "eight" friends broke the news, Zhao Wei was photographed with her husband Huang Youlong, daughter of April in Dubai with travel photos, Zhao Wei makeup appearance, wearing sunglasses, wearing a polka dot dress, abdominal bulge obviously.

according to the netizen said, enjoy the buffet, Zhao Weilian bent over to take care of her daughter seemed to be difficult to guess that she is not pregnant with a second child. But the news has not been confirmed by the parties.

2008 Zhao Wei and Huang Youlong married, giving birth to daughter in 2010 April, not April not only inherited her mother's beauty, have a pair of big eyes, but also a versatile Lolita.

INS Zhao Wei said in the sun on her painting pictures, photos and April intently, side Yan flawless, like a "little Zhao Wei".

friends Huang Xiaoming and Ruby Lin are in the years before a son, Zhao Wei also catch the schedule, after the second baby can with a small sponge (son of Huang Xiaoming), dolphins (Ruby Lin's daughter) a "Friends of the two generation" alliance.

Gao Yuanyuan />

Gao Yuanyuan

1 31 July, Gao Yuanyuan Mark, the Taipei new year after coming out of the airport to beijing. Two couples see the lens without taboo, a love candy child dog.

Gao Yuanyuan wearing a loose coat that day, completely cover the stomach, feet on the bottom of the short boots, so there are a lot of users guess she is not pregnant? />

last year there was a time when Gao Yuanyuan was pregnant with the news of the online madness. Some netizens posting said: "Gao Yuanyuan is my friends and relatives, I have seen their family portrait. She said she was pregnant. I see the photo, Mark accompanied Gao Yuanyuan to the family reunion is also good, two people look quite good."

plus Gao Yuanyuan years ago, nearly two months did not appear, caused many users to guess her in the preparation of tocolysis. Until last Christmas, Gao Yuanyuan was in the micro-blog bubble, but the goddess of the stomach has a mystery.

Richie Ren Hsu Chi pregnant

suspected leak secrets Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung got married in 2016, when upgraded after his wife who is the focus of the outside world belly movement. Hsu Chi for many years as a friend of Richie Ren, recently attended an event, was asked about the "pregnancy", he was cautious, but did not answer the first question to ask: "did she admit it?" she said, "years ago." Or do you want me? Haha, I'm not included." Seems to be afraid of accidentally leaked the first tone.

and her husband Hsu Chi the previous shopping sweet hand in Hongkong, because of loose clothing, plus foot flat shoes, Hong Kong media described as "pregnant Sambo" masks, loose shirts, shoes, has been used on two, although I through the broker who deny pregnant news, rumors still.

after his marriage, Hsu Chi has been photographed at traditional Chinese medicine preparation of pregnancy, even to the Taiwan shooting delicacy program, eat fried things have been Nicholas Tse with being nursed back to health "as an excuse to stop, according to media reports, she and Ruby Lin are looking for a well-known Chinese Medicine doctor, only one course price of NT $500 thousand (about RMB 100 thousand), many celebrities are regulars, the doctor it is reported that the Taiwan film has also found the doctor sees, accident that she is pregnant, so things will spread.

in last year's Golden Horse Awards, Momoco Tao joked that Hsu Chi is pregnant, has caused a lot of discussion, after Hsu Chi, Momoco Tao clarified that the night just joking, but about Hsu Chi's pregnancy rumors but not stop. She was pregnant but only media questioning true, responded: "Chinese not over three months can not speak, talk is not good, so we have doubt and don't ask me again." Language belt

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