Star of the Spring Festival holiday photography contest, Christy Chung win in sexy, creative first, Li Bingbing

Li Bingbing Christy Chung creative

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star is all kinds of Spring Festival, in addition to go home and family reunion with more love, star family travel resort. Then, a "holiday photography contest and blowing micro-blog". Today's finalists of these stars, Christy Chung win in sexy, creative invincible Li Bingbing.

Christy Chung Zhang Lunshuo

sweet dog abuse Christy Chung and Zhang Lunshuo love to get married, not every hour and moment in a high-profile show of affection. The Spring Festival this year, the couple took her two daughters to the island resort, enjoying good times at the same time, also do not forget to sprinkle food.

dog abuse over, Christy Chung also Shundaizhao show a sexy body. Born in 1970, she will be 47 years old this year, but the figure is still hot. Like such a self Tuosai bent posture, is full of careful machine, not only the business line panoramic view, added a sense of girls.

to see the wife sun bosom beauty, Zhang Lunshuo is not far behind, drying out a photo of Zhang Shuai photos, he laid down on the surface of the water, chest and abdominal visible.

Li Bingbing a shot of creative tourism according to

January 30th, Li Bingbing drying out a family to the seaside resort Spring Festival pictures. Photo, Li Bingbing and his family ranked by height, also produced a WiFi signal diagram, intentions and creative.

photos in addition to Li Bingbing's parents (above right, right four), and sister (right three) and the two little boys, a sister is the son of Li Xue, the little prince, another is called by the netizen "fans of the little boy a.

to see Li Bingbing look like a happy face, netizens have speculated that the camera is certainly responsible for mr..

Sha Yi a warm and happy

Sha Yi and Hu He holding two sons, a face happy smile, this family portrait, but the more beautiful.

and Anji clever sensible, small fish is a naughty little guy, funny grimace.

Nicky Wu favorite wife when the porter

1 on Sept. 30, Nicky Wu Liu Shishi at the end of the holiday trip back to Shanghai, husband and wife two people wearing the same black mask coming out of the airport, Liu Shishi with a refreshing ponytail, wearing a green coat, Spring is in the air.

Nicky Wu carrying a backpack, wearing a black leather jacket, single hand pocket, handsome. Shishi strode swiftly, followed her husband escorting.

Nicky Wu is a spoiled wife, he pushed a cart full of luggage, wife behind leisurely brush with mobile phone.

Stephen Fung accompany Hsu Chi back home

Hsu Chi last year and Stephen Fung flash marriage, this is her first marriage of the lunar new year, it is reported that Stephen Fung 28 evening specially flew to Taiwan to accompany. She returned to her family reunion. Their friends also witnessed the appearance of Yangmingshan Bamboo Lake meal, more generous and fans to take pictures, photos of Hsu Chi Stephen Fung in the side happy than V, hugging her.

left small entertainment mogul palace reunion

Sanpei Hongkong media reported earlier that entertainment mogul Hua (Zhou Zhuohua) to wash the rice billion silver bullet, success calm and settle

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