Show Luo, Huang Bo, Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin kiss kiss... These 2016 classic moments

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this year, many of the star married, they at the wedding a kiss is sweet; this year, there are a lot of people in the expression of friendship with a kiss, the expression of joy. This year has passed, but the "kiss" has left, a classic moment. After Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin held a wedding in Bali Island, returned to Taipei in August 2, 2016, held on the feast. The scene, the old cadres holding the bride's face down. This pair, 10 years into a couple of friends, love, marriage, pregnancy, birth daughter. What is happiness? Ruby Lin said: "laugh every day, this is the performance of happiness."  

2016 in November 26th, the fifty-third Taiwan Film Awards, Ma Sichun Dongyu Zhou with "common" in July and she won the best actress title. In Taiwan, they laugh and cry with excitement like two little girls in the audience, they use a kiss to express joy, friendship is crowned. Ma Sichun and Dongyu Zhou, who is a 28 year old and a 24 year old, one in July is a quiet.

of the United States of Las Vegas, local time on November 5, 2016, WBO flyweight world champion gold belt race, Zou Shiming won the champion gold belt. Before the flag, Zou Shiming kissed his wife, Ran Yingying. Under the background of the flag of the kiss, not only harvest and excitement, more proud and proud. Won the "best non Olympic sports player of the year award in Zou Shiming, he thanked his wife:" thank you, my wife Xuan Xuan mother, Ran Yingying, thank you, without you, I may not be able to stand in such a stage."  

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. Sweet kiss I join in the fun of the best man and the maid of honor is the bright spot in them: the little tigers fit, startling step by step family fit. "Long poem" for "" startling step by step soon, get married when these partners play with, is to "Xi" and "Y" a happy ending.

"Twilight" actress Krristen Stewart (Kristen Stewart) officially come out because of a kiss. In March 2016, Kristen and her former assistant in Paris Street kissing photo exposure. At that time, her domineering response to this kiss, did not escape, then firmly took his girlfriend's hand into the camera. The media have asked her questions about sexuality, her answer was: "Google me, Im not hiding. (Google check you to me, I did not hide from A to Z), Kristen for love, is so honest.  

"mildew" and "shake Sen" short love is like a storm in 2016, from June to September, the love lasted only three months. However, when the first exposure of love, two people nestled in the sea of this kiss, but never freeze into a classic.  

2016 September 3rd, Twins held a concert in Shenzhen, when the mouth to mouth kiss. This kiss, so many fans across the back 15 years ago. Yes, Twins has been in business for 15 years. In recent years, the total voice their feelings do not like the past, but this show a "love", let the rumor collapse of itself. For fifteen years, I have been through the ups and downs, they always stand on the other side. Accompanied by

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