Stephen Chow: "journey to the west" the most attractive place is that it is very imaginative

Journey to the west imagination

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Chinese;" for the movie audience, Stephen Chow is synonymous with feelings. "We all owe Yeh a ticket for the film" call, "Mermaid" Yiqijuechen record China monolithic box office record. This year's "journey to the west" demon volts "double insurance IP" with Stephen Chow this brand of feelings, let the people of this movie is full of expectation.

as Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark joined the new year seed," the west "demon volts one appearance is controversial, starring candidate, other the design has became a hot topic. But from the publicity period started, "the west" demon volts has been to "toothpaste" the same way slowly released material. Until the release, the role of the film is a kind of still holding half of the cover of the state, and the focus of controversy triggered by the trailer turned out to be ".

before the interview, just attended the conference, Stephen Chow a little tired into the room, Wu Yifan seemed a bit cramped behind him. Although in the interview, Stephen Chow has been jokingly called "Wu Yifan Wu", Wu Yifan has been a student of waiting for the teacher to look at stealing comments to help Stephen Chow, Stephen Chow took the microphone, a good student looks completely. A movie just started the road in high and vigorous spirits, "new", an almost in the film "duguqiubai" peerless master, whether the two person will impact what kind of spark in the "West" demon volts?

Stephen Chow:" journey to the west "the most attracted me is full of imagination

Stephen Chow is undoubtedly a complex of the" journey to the West ". He played the "Westward Journey", "journey to the west" directed JiangMo now, for "the west" demon volts as a screenwriter. When asked why the love of "journey to the west", Stephen Chow a face innocently asked: "journey to the west" is not good-looking?

in the interview, Stephen Chow has been exhausted and few words, but at the mention of "journey to the west", he seriously began to speak: "journey to the west" attracts me most is that it is very imaginative, and every story it has very large space to imagine. Is a very bold attempt can be allowed to do things in the shooting."

I think so, a powerful and unconstrained style of "journey to the west" and often beyond the horizon of the brain hole Yeh, perhaps it is a good collocation.

and before the difference is that the "West" demon volts invited another film guide to the surgeon Tsui Hark. Stephen Chow's own interpretation of this is that he had a script, you need to do this project as soon as possible, and the same obsession with the journey to the west, Tsui Hark is the best candidate. Itself is known for years, two people hit it off.

but Stephen Chow admits, there will be differences between the two cooperation, as to how to resolve differences, Stephen Chow's answer is also very "Stephen Chow": "think of a way to solve".

Wu Yifan: play the monk pressure, try to treat each role

little meat now has almost become synonymous with poor performance. When Wu Yifan wants to play a message of the news of the, the network questioned the sound from the four. But Stephen Chow was always behind Wu Yifan's attitude. For Stephen Chow, he chose the actor does not care about the actor's popularity, appearance or other, and the role of their own fit and acting is the focus of his selection of actors.

for Wu Yifan, Stephen Chow categorically said: "from the beginning, I think he is in my heart the monk".

Wu Yifan himself in an interview with many modest, he said, had many of the classic image of Tang Seng, including Law Ka Ying played in the "Westward Journey" in Tang Seng, is the classic movie impassable. And he can only try to play well, "the monk" in the West demon volts.

in the "West" demon volts, a monk before the weak image, and several of his disciples staged a love to kill the drama. Stephen Chow is generous praise of Wu Yifan: "he played very well." Wu Yifan said he would do his best to treat every character.

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