"Pearl beauties with box," Legend of Three Beauties "on the same stage... These are all together after the reunion

Also the sword

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"; once the subject of ridicule, but because of various reasons but also because of the scattered, the separation, which makes the same frame is moving again. December 30, 2016 Faye Wong concert, will soon be over 20 year old Dou Jingtong, standing on one side of the stage, to accompany mom. The scene to give her shot the first song, "are you happy so I happy", and two people on the stage in a unique way with the box, this should be a great gossip, but we only see the smiling.

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some netizens said that this is Faye Wong" magic music a "concert inside the most wonderful and warm moment. 2016 seems to be a very easy to remember the year, this year a lot of children with our childhood, we grew up together!

"Pearl beauties together again after a lapse of 19 years,

^ graph is married to Ruby Lin, Zhao Wei and Fan Bingbing attended, small figure three in the" Princess "in the" color: RGB style=

Ruby Lin Wallace Huo, let us see how difficult The same frame scene. Zhao Wei, Fan Bingbing, "let our beauties in the same frame again after a lapse of 19 years. Compared to 19 years ago, now more feminine beauty. The three sisters of the same box is really the most blow memories killed, let people play to the minute jump "Huanzhugege". The day is the absence of Alec Su put his P into three unwilling to remain out of the limelight with picture frame.

Jolin Patty Hou with

"pictured in Ruby Lin Cai Yi Lin Houpeicen photo mothering feast,

"Legend of Three Beauties"

"as the" Legend of Liu Yifei, Yang Mi, Liu Shishi Three Beauties "with" color: RGB style=

" Legend of Sword and Fairy "series is a generation of youth memories, featuring a group of people, before these Red red, quiet silence, it is difficult to appear in the same frame of the screen. In September 2016, bazaar charity dinner, Liu Yifei, Yang Mi, Liu Shishi rare with box. Although three people did not play the same part of the legend, but is called the "Legend of three beauties". Yang Mi and Liu Shishi from the "Legend of Sword and Fairy 3" acquaintance, became good friends, and Liu Yifei

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