Yang Zi: the face is stiff in rehearsal, and Qiu Yingying is the first one to marry five

Ode to joy

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the original, by the Tencent entertainment micro signal: txent

2016, Yang Zi has in the face of Lu Xueqi and Qiu Yingying and The audience, from a little over the working girl, to punish sin in the cold goddess, this year Yang Zi's report card is full, but also let the audience see her as more small huadan. As a "happy song five beauty" after the Spring Festival Gala, Yang Zi sat down to talk about the Spring Festival holiday, chat about childhood memories, and talk about the first let her famous "home with children".

she and all began to make money and financial self care of young people, excited to give the elders of the family package red envelopes, while miss the time to collect new year's money. This year, she and Zhang Yishan has turned red, interactive screen siblings are very frequent, and the family together on a commercial micro film, do not know how many people are there in the more than and 300 episode "recollection of childhood memories". Yang Zi for "families with children" this classic work attitude is very cautious, would rather not meet, don't hit brand. However, she is also very clever to put up an idea, have the opportunity, you want to shoot a family every year, children, new year's film.

Tencent Entertainment: as the opening performance of the Spring Festival evening, how do you feel?

Yang Zi: more excited, but also more nervous.

Tencent Entertainment: after the first show, I think everyone's atmosphere will be blown up by you, right?

Yang Zi: actually because I belong to the kind of people, for example, usually on the stage is very embarrassed to talk with others, Hello, we are good! What I say, what you say, I've never had this kind of interaction, I'm shy. But the Spring Festival evening is not the same, you want to interact with the audience, you want to stir up the atmosphere. So no matter what the audience below, they may ignore you, you have to be very happy, because we are looking at you, you have to be very happy, as long as their own state has been adjusted there.

: the entertainment Tencent with "Ode to joy" five beauty together, there are only three, because five of them are very familiar with, only three cooperation feel?

Yang Zi: they are very cute, and then very dedicated, very obedient, obediently.

Tencent Entertainment: before their practice more? This song?

Yang Zi: this song is, because I am not a professional singing this song, this song is particularly high, then we will have what clause, I feel it is to own a good singing, practicing more is his sentence.

Tencent Entertainment: are you satisfied with your performance?

Yang Zi: I think it is to pass it, because there is still a lack of experience, I think the future will be better if you come back in May, after all, the first time to participate in or be nervous.

Tencent Entertainment: the five of you, in fact, Liu Tao has participated in the Spring Festival Gala last year, and she had taken it?

Yang Zi: yes, we will ask her what kind of Spring Festival is the process.

entertainment Tencent: she also inculcate. Do you usually go to KTV or something like that?

Yang Zi: when we're filming every day together, for example, said today to Tao sister house to house, who play together every day in the field tomorrow, chat together.

Tencent Entertainment: what is your own favorite songs? Who often sing songs?

Yang Zi: I actually like Rene Liu and Tanya Chua. I like them very much.

Tencent Entertainment: before you say that you are very nervous on the stage, the rehearsal, what will be done before the practice to ease their tension?

Yang Zi: , I'm going to tease them, because at the beginning of the dance, we're all covered up. Because it would have a countdown, but everyone was already standing there ready to start singing. I will tease you here, over there to make fun, happy, immediately to the fire, we. Amuse them, don't stop it, I was nervous, I was nervous.

Tencent Entertainment: the expression also must hold tight.

Yang Zi: you are nervous you have to smile, a smile on the stiff,

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