[90] how entrepreneurs bigwigs teahouse Spring Festival?


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[90] 2017.01.28 1447th, one of the earliest, WeChat is one of the most influential public number, attention / business model business / Finance / technology. Designed to provide financing services for readers of enterprises, "color: RGB [No. 90] [CEO tea group, No. 90 group group member teahouse investment] raised, name card sent to 13951515155 (editor of mobile phone, WeChat) for the entry of

how to celebrate the Spring Festival? In a few years ago in the Spring Festival, Liu Qiangdong was exposed during the Spring Festival, Jiangsu back home mothering, Ma was photographed in the overseas Chinese New Year yacht. But for the Spring Festival, domineering GREE chairman Dong Mingzhu says, his annual leave from the start. HUAWEI chairman Ren Zhengfei is directly finalized: HUAWEI Spring Festival is not domineering. Not only the Spring Festival, but also requires employees to continue the struggle during the spring festival.

2015! "The Spring Festival New Year 3, a local Chinese in the circle of friends drying out in the home of friends and Ma photos of people was quickly forwarded. Then, has been in Oakland for several days Honglei Sun in his micro-blog issued a ma on yacht photos, Ma also confirmed that indeed in New Zealand New year.

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