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America, the first implementation of mobile phone payment chain Starbucks coffee recently bend the brows. The 2014 launch of the mobile phone payment has occupied 27% of Starbucks's consumer spending, the company relies heavily on mobile phone payment system, is supposed to let customers enjoy more convenience, speed up the checkout speed, promote sales, but did not think the mobile phone payment has become a drag on performance of the.

Starbucks's chief operating officer, Kevin Johnson, said: "more and more people use mobile phones to pay, but it caused the counter congestion." Many customers have been able to book and pay orders through the phone, and then directly past the counter to get the coffee, which makes a lot of people are not satisfied with the queue, some people do not have the patience to wait and do not buy.

this situation has brought a negative impact on the company's first quarter results, Kevin Johnson said the company attaches importance to this problem, we must find a way to solve it. Kevin Johnson has worked in Microsoft and Juniper Networks for many years, will take over as CEO in April this post appointment means that Starbucks is to enhance their level of technology. Starbucks is expected to record two digit sales growth throughout the year, but recently the company adjusted the forecast value, sales growth of only 8 to 10 percentage points.

Kevin Johnson is the predecessor of Starbucks for many years, Howard Schulz, Starbucks, he successfully created a global coffee empire. Kevin Johnson took over the industry is a high hopes. Bloomberg analyst Jenniefer Bartashus said: "the Starbucks quarter pain point sales growth of 3%, this result has been good in other food and beverage companies, but Starbucks is expected to Starbucks, it is far more than these."

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