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36ke· 2017-02-04 16:19:06

last week, plant shutdowns, shops closed, the government cannot stop, stock market trading, Guangzhou Shenzhen a bleak city scene of … … people's enthusiasm is transferred to the Spring Festival of carnival, and carve up an important keywords universal attention, is red". Although Alipay

before the Spring Festival this year a statement, no longer engage in red war, but WeChat and Alipay launched their new game, dark poke for users. Alipay has set up 200 million "Saul, FocA prize pool of AR red, WeChat also launched a" LBS+AR "in red envelopes. About this seemingly low-key, but also smoke four red wars, 36 krypton has done detailed reports.

through the red this very social attribute function for users, has become the Internet giants Qingjushulu play, while Tencent seems to have been to activate another ready to go through the red in the form of business - spot gold financial.

virtual gold red, red envelopes with money is

during the Spring Festival, Ma Huateng Pro gold hair red screenshot outflow, this function is still in beta stage, consumers banzhebanyan flirting curiosity. Behind the

red gold, during the Spring Festival is actually launched "micro Tencent gold precious metals trading services by Tencent, caifutong and industrial and Commercial Bank of China jointly launched, is essentially a spot gold investment business, industrial and Commercial Bank gold products the foundation, Tencent will" buy gold "which has a long history of the financial activities of the internet.

Tencent is currently only the entrance of micro gold micro gold Tencent public number, the number of public concern after entering the micro gold page, you can buy and sell spot gold trading time.

users buy gold threshold is very low, 0.001 grams of buying, no fees, single buy and sell the maximum amount of 100 thousand, is 0.001 grams, need to charge a fee of 5/1000, selling up to 200 thousand. Trading account and change account linked to daily 17:00 before the transaction can be achieved on the day of arrival, the transaction process and other types of financial products through money paid through the same way. But spot gold has the dual nature of the dual attributes of money and goods, so that the play of gold products become richer.

36 krypton also got the beta access in advance about the experience of red gold.

access to the power of red envelopes, you need to receive other friends with permission to send a golden red envelope, after receiving the red envelopes that enjoy the right to grant.

permission to get red envelopes can enter the interface in the "micro gold Tencent", different from ordinary red envelopes, red gold only through sending links form in WeChat dialogue function key page and no entrance. This may be because the current gold financial business just on the line, the gold envelopes are in the testing phase, and once on the WeChat page dialogue function key, will inevitably lead to the frequency of use increased sharply, bring enormous pressure to the micro gold business. The subtle differences in this setting, the huge social potential of WeChat and the temporary separation of the red envelopes.

Internet plus spot gold where imagination?

spot gold financial market already exists in Chinese, but earlier often to "Chinese berserk aunt gold" this dramatic form appears in public.

traditional spot gold investment has three important pain points, which also led to investors in this market has been in a relatively stable scale:

gold price is expensive, before the spot gold is digitized in milligrams to buy gold is completely unthinkable, the high price of investment in gold bullion, BRIC as a unit, reality the limitations of that spot gold investment threshold is high; the

investment gold can only rely on the price change, cannot produce additional interest, spot gold can only be used as a hedge investment, not as a value-added investment; p>

< / spot gold storage and transaction service system is not mature, even after some banks require the purchase of spot gold must be stored in the bank safe, safe opening and storage functions are required to pay the additional costs, the investment return of gold was probably not Cover the gold in gold trading costs, the channel is not smooth, investors will be realized only for the bank to buy back spot gold, or gold shop, pawn acquisition, but the reality is that banks generally do not repurchase their own banks to sell gold bars, but banks also need to charge different fees, which also produced a "buy gold easily" difficult to sell gold.

these three pain points also led to spot gold, both from the perspective of investors, or the operator's point of view, are heavy assets, low turnover, high cost, long term investment category and industry.

penetration of the Internet on the spot gold market, can be a good solution to the pain points, but with the increase in the degree of penetration of the entire industry format remodeling and imagination will be very promising.

first, the spot gold digital, spot gold investment threshold will be greatly reduced to 0.001 grams of gold, Tencent micro purchase, while gold steward platform, can achieve 1 yuan investment, a large number of consumers and investors.

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