Only a knife clearance "Resident Evil 7" asylum mode

The madhouse knife model method

jihewang· 2017-02-04 17:40:42

believes that during the Spring Festival there are many of my friends have chosen the "Resident Evil 7" (or themselves), as a pastime to play in each generation of "biochemical crisis" game also will be the birth of the great spirit developed very personality, "Knife Only" it is a challenge to the tradition.

the "Resident Evil 7" became the main view mode, play with more natural stimulus (halo), game player in Quizzle after several attempts, finally only knife clearance "Resident Evil 7" madhouse (Mad House) in addition to the key mode, the last part, the rest of the enemy with a knife...... Of course, the little brother of

B station address challenge is not usually deal with single Everything is going smoothly., we just need to find the enemy time attack its flaw, but like the double fat mine in the late, you need some luck.

" game is actually not available long before Quizzle challenge is also an appetizer, I believe that with the development of the game player, after the play will be more and more interesting, but it seems to me that there will be a lot of people haven't first clearance dizzy......

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