Transformation! Broken clothes! There are authentic game experience "Fire Emblem: Hero" is now in stores

Android hand travel the votes were fought side by side

mofangwang· 2017-02-04 17:41:15

Since the "

" SRPG (Fire Emblem series to create a strategy role-playing game) first, the role of the rich culture elements and burning brain round chess play a faction, so many game enthusiasts for dumping strategy. As a similar game in the most dazzling, "epic" like "Fire Emblem series" nature has a solid user base, as you can see, it is Nintendo for our gift, a hundred-percent "fans to" work.

" in Nintendo announced "Fire Emblem" series will be "Mobile Games", we have organized the game master reader intelligence /strong>. The Mobile Games version of "Fire Emblem: Hero" (Fire Emblem Heroes) the actual game content and not much difference between our estimates, it has been added to Android Google Play and apple App Store two platform in February 2, 2017. Fortunately, even in the original "building blocks", first get into F2P mode online Mobile Games "old" is still in the game to bring us some surprises".

. The role of full debut "reasonable" set "through"

game player will play from the kingdom of Askran summoner, trying to stop the evil Emblian empire will dominate the world history "" series of Fire Emblem in the classic role of call "to the kingdom of Askran, and the original role of" worldly "(sold out a man how to do? We can also do a new set ah! Black silk! Big white legs! Jiao jiao! Small Lolita! Interesting! Four vegetarian steamed oysters!) Fight side by side.

. is more suitable for the chess pattern of

mobile terminal will be the original light is one hundred, while three and four hundred lattice lattice pattern battlefield is reduced to 8*6 (fixed 48) a small battlefield can browse the whole picture of the screen.

to cancel the two set

set the "permanent death" in the Fire Emblem character of "permanent death" and the role of the game project team originally set up a "death penalty time" was canceled, the death penalty is only "role can not be obtained in this copy of the experience".

. transformation! Broken clothes! Long live love party, draw the same role discount in

games may have a star, occupation and different attributes, and all characters can be cultured for the highest star, its properties are similar, game player can safely develop their "true love" role. In addition, each card in the role after the break will be presented in front of their game player with a new attitude, in the role of blood is low or repulsed, will also have "broken armor vests" welfare delivery. Three kinds of image

" the most number of votes of the high popularity of the role "Lin" lottery classification card pool is very clear, is not to deceive "hybrid card pool", in the continuous extraction of the same card game player pool, will enjoy "special discount card draw" (raise the star role drop rate, base star role). (how I feel cheated taste full of krypton......) The maximum pay point "in this game. (the old with the "purpose" means to cheat krypton clothes, let you be most willing to krypton gold, almost impossible to guard against! There are wood!

. PVE, PVP and

can be fun game player "asynchronous" duel with other game player in the game, we beat the opponent to upgrade their "battle level" to get the bonus season; the old version of GBA on the "Fire Emblem: light the Sorcerer's stone" in the "trial tower" system will also pose a new log in the game, game player can be repeated here to improve my team.

" game battle screen, right for the original role of

from the current surface and the content of the game, "Fire Emblem: Hero" retains the original in the traditional setting, and made the "concession is more convenient on the mobile terminal". Compared to the "buy the mechanism" of the "super Mario Run" Nintendo, the real meaning of the first F2P Mobile Games "Fire Emblem: Hero" both have excellent performance in all aspects. As for the future development?

this reminds me of an old saying: a good card in hand, the key moment depends on how you play.

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