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appsolution· 2017-02-04 21:05:38

Author: Wang Xiaoxi
AppSo today (micro signal appsolution) for you to bring the Time Locker, is one of the ten game on 2016 App year Store. The shooting game, in some time ago also on-line version of the Android.
at first, a conceptual Low Poly style and fresh color, you might think that this is an international game, but it has always been adorable, from brain hole wide known Japanese game developers hand.

if you played Steam on a game called Superhot, presumably not on "when you stop, time will stop." the game is set to feel strange, so Locker also set up the core Time.
this from the angle of view shooting game, the gameplay is very simple to operate, basically confirms the sentence I always saying" Chinese military enemy to me, the enemy harass the enemy retreats, I chase .
only in the game player operation, enemies and obstacles will start stop and chase you, you can use unlimited bullets break them, or go to escape. Specific gameplay is not complicated, fast down the screen back rub, you can speed up the launch of bullets, dragging the left and right direction of movement.
don't watch the game is simple, but the AppSo (micro signal appsolution) found that the game feels very in place. You need to control the rhythm and time, because the former has rounded up, after the pursuers.
, birds, penguins, and mammoths and so on, each character corresponding to the bullets are not the same.
and the corresponding animal, is the wind, a bird like natural style background music is really have a unique style.
. Full of reverence for nature, one side filled with wind technology. In addition to all kinds of animals, as well as soldiers, tanks, cars, helicopters and other obstacles and enemies. It also does not have mandatory advertising to reduce the game experience, but allows you to choose whether or not to watch the game to get rewards.
although, now it is the trend of heavy Mobile Games rage, ~ but I always think Mobile Games should be people's leisure music, it should be sufficient to "light". Play simple, easy to use, this is the hand travel should look like.

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