Richie Ren injured himself not real back billions of dollars in premiums

Richie Ren

feiYoungyule· 2017-02-04 22:18:20

January 4th news, according to Taiwan media reports, Richie Ren went to Argentina to participate in the motocross world series, the January 3rd local time to ride the second stage near the end, but unfortunately the car crash accident. He said in an interview last November, to participate in the competition has been insured amount of broken billion yuan, let the family, then he smiled and said: "do not want to use (insurance)." The result was an accident. The second half of the

game, Richie motorcycle lost control and hit the tree, the man out of the car, but fortunately did not cause illness, is currently in Argentina to heal. Afterwards, Richie also call safe to their families, to receive professional care at the local medical team. He said: "sit long distance call the rescue helicopter back to camp, X seized the body, no fracture, ultrasonic examination have no internal bleeding, the doctor said humorously, in addition to

because of his race would have ended, the results because back cannot match, but he said "not willing to ah! Not reconciled".

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Richie Ren injured himself not real back billions of dollars in premiums

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