Jin Junmian & jiwoo starred in "the universe star" premiered on 26 set file

Universe starring

SMTownzixuntai· 2017-02-04 22:18:54

Korea MBC TV" three color dreams "drama first works" star of the universe "will premiere on 26.

" three color dreams "one act play 100% pre production, is divided into" the star of the universe "," vivid "and" love the Queen "three ring. By Jin Junmian (EXO SUHO) and jiwoo starring "the star of the universe" tells the story of the underworld messenger Xing Er (JW ornaments) and the star of the universe (Jin Junmian ornaments) between the pure fantasy love story, has entered the post production.

" in addition, the star of the universe "will be the evening of 26 to 11 (Korea time) premiere.

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Jin Junmian & jiwoo starred in "the universe star" premiered on 26 set file

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