What you don't know is the programmer programmer...


chengxuyuanzhijia· 2017-02-04 22:33:43

now, in the circle of science and technology China programmers can be said to have reached a decisive point, strong Tencent Empire, powerful Ali Empire, they have which is not a pile up tens of thousands of programmers. Without them, where Tmall, Alipay, where to buy online buy; without them, where WeChat and QQ, which come in the online chat chat (Yue Yue Yue).

but for programmers, this powerful species, many people still don't understand, or are biased against them.

many people think that the programmer is dull, dull, science thinking, not romantic, gentle and delicate. But this is not the case.

programmer is actually very romantic, like this:

programmer is very funny and self deprecating humor, such

Bob was quite good, like this:

< /p>

so that programmers have a lot of things that you do not know, they earn more, spend less, not easy to cheat, very good for female friends, compressive ability is extremely strong, happy to laugh (Bob, funny, siege lion), and is keen to lead the trend (IT), Then there is the legend of the programmer to marry.
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