[] running plan to pay New Year's call the monsters and freaks of all descriptions of chicken


paobujihua· 2017-02-04 23:35:01

over the past year, we are using the measured pace, and perception of life towards the rest, and to such a deep awareness of the world is still beautiful, worthy of you to run for her!

life everywhere in the sense of destiny and the fate of transcendence and optimism, as at the end of the movie" come "heroine finally said in the narrator," even know the life journey, and will go where, I still choose embrace it, and embrace every moment ", Roman Roland also explained:" there is only one kind of heroism, that is to understand life and love life". Who you choose to be with, is to choose a way of life and values, like running, running for love, starting from the heart, for the joy of running, a group of people, one thing, a lifetime. Remember, refuse to live the same life, refused to run, life is better than we ever imagined.

this send monkey greets chicken on the occasion, may the runners spring of joy, good luck, happy and healthy! [ all the runners in this to you I wish you 2017 pay New Year's call, smell the chicken start, run better yourself!

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