10 km speed training skills


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in training 10K, through the change of rhythm to enhance their ability. For example, a time to make their own comfortable rhythm of running, and then the next slow pace, and then run the next fast paced. Through these changes, can play a different training effect, improve the ability to control the race.

yoga, Pilates, cycle training exercise can not only exercise the core strength and flexibility, but also reduce the risk of injury, to improve the running state and the overall efficiency is very helpful. At least two times a week, each time more than 30 minutes of core training and yoga, more appropriate.

push flexion leg jump jump lunges, helps to exercise the power to run. Do this once a week, 5 times per iteration. Due to the consumption of physical fitness, generally do once a week.

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if the one-time cannot adhere to finish the 10K, you can break up the whole into parts. To a slightly faster than the speed of the 10K race 10 km sprint, after each run to carry out the recovery of the 400 meter jog in the 1. In fact, such a movement

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10 km speed training skills


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