Evaluation: DHB three long sleeved running jacket

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souhupaobu· 2017-02-05 00:58:23

DHB related products, before has done a public test, run home run friends to experience the invitation, related articles can link the following points: a review of

NO.1 dhb- "public test period | tight long sleeved jacket 5" compression "

public test report: DHB compression of a tight long sleeved shirt a perfect winter running artifact"

"evaluation report: DHB"

"tight compression sleeves cheap and practical compression clothing DHB compression clothing"

"experience in the winter warm clothes "

is a compression garment, the run home to get the relaxed version of the long running, dhb2016 autumn and winter three, the number is:

in the first phase of the evaluation, there are a lot of friends ran to ask Buy mode and price, the three price we can see from the official website, want to buy the runners can also see the purchase link from the text at the end of the reading of the text:

in order to facilitate comparison only, put together to see:

can directly see the difference between the three paragraph, what is real and we come together at

: This is the first round, can see the mesh, this portable, so he did not pocket

then 1/4 zipper (non thermal models), this pocket is a vertical version of

is finally semi open zipper warm, this pocket is relatively large, the zipper is horizontal

then we see in figure />

three has a unified design, that is the thumb mouth, for running clothes, this design can be said to be a must, to ensure the running stability of clothes.

China has a vast territory, Sanya today, the lowest 20 degrees C, the highest in Harbin but only minus 17 degrees C. So it is impossible to give advice to different places to run friends who should wear. But on the three paragraph, plus warm this, is the most comfortable to wear. In addition, these three are not compressed clothing, so you can choose the number of one more than the compression coat.

while running the house is also being communicated, I hope to release these three models in the public to run the friends to experience.

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Evaluation: DHB three long sleeved running jacket

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