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worldwide, 5 km and 10 km race charm is no less than marathon. In the UK alone, about 1000000 people participate in a race of 5 kilometers and a distance of about 10 kilometers a year. Regardless of your age, physical fitness, this sport can bring you different pleasure. This is not a game with others, it is better to say that a game with their own.

"junior 5 km and 10 km" plan, the schedule is especially suitable for the first time to participate in the running game, just want to finish the course or because of busy with work and family affairs and it is difficult to adhere to the harsh training program run.

in the twenty-first Century, life seems to be filled with every kind of thing, the cycle to adhere to a strict training project has become very difficult. Thankfully, these training programs give you a clear idea of what you're supposed to do, and you can sacrifice your daily projects to deal with family and work issues. Of course, the more you follow the plan, the more your legs are able to withstand the intensity of the game. However, as long as you do 80%, after the training is enough to complete the game, but also enjoy the training process. The key point of

"junior 5 km and 10 km" plan

at the beginning of the four to five weeks, "the initial 5 km and 10 km" plan will let you have a healthy body, and let your heart, legs and lungs habits exercise state. During this period, any training program can be used to run instead of jogging, so if you choose some or all of the fast is also no problem.

in four to five weeks, your body will gradually adapt to exercise, you will find that they can be more durable to keep running speed. At this time, although the walking distance is fine, but please try to persist in jogging, the longer the better.

the following are some of the other key points:

each runner adaptation to the training program are not the same, some people may take a longer time to run, so you can just follow your own pace. If you find it too hard, repeat it for a week, or walk longer.

do not because the training program provides "run two minutes", you feel that you have to run fast, or even complete. You may be happy to enjoy this state in training, which is good, but it may also be what you fear. If this is the case, don't think you have to do it. Along with the training should be to enjoy, rather than some items of concern or fear.

if you think it's easy to train, add a project, run faster, or learn a project from the "personal best" program during the week.

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"in this paper from the mechanical industry press 5 km to 10 km from the starting point to the end point".

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