Financial advertisers in the OPPO&vivo app store Research Report

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kuchuantuiguangshouce· 2017-02-05 02:10:44

study found that global mobile phone users will reach 4 billion 800 million, OPPO and vivo terminal shipments ushered in a large outbreak in 2016, app store distribution amount should also ushered in a new round of barbaric growth. Due to the similar product positioning and user composition of OPPO and vivo, the competition between the two is more direct and intense than other application stores. The purpose of this report is to observe and analyze the characteristics and rules of OPPO and vivo in the financial industry which is more focused on the current advertisers.

2016 years is the Internet financial compliance year, frequent tightening of domestic monetary policy, market environment purification, SuperCPD on the current market environment and development trend of in-depth research, in order to allow more APP enterprises occupy the market in advance, has first mover advantage.

SuperCPD data show that the OV app store financial advertisers in total, accounting for OPPO 76%, vivo accounted for 56%, of which 31% financial advertisers at the OV double platform launch; OPPO and vivo unique advertisers each accounted for 44% and 25%. OPPO obvious advantages in terms of the number of financial advertisers.

APP application store list the number of comparison, the application stores different positions:

OPPO app store financial advertisers can be put to reach the position of home, installed the necessary installation, installation, hot search and polite, financial, boot essential and convenient living, vivo application store, mobile phone application, and recommend necessary financial. OV dual platform financial customers put competitive pressures are mainly concentrated in the home page / recommendation and financial classification list.

from OPPO and vivo app store active advertisers to put the total length:

1. Alipay put the total long way ahead. WeChat payment and central bank payment policy on the impact of dual pressure non bank, Alipay in the channels didn't relax.

2. on the total length of TOP20 advertisers, advertisers have a unique OPPO malt and peace and Cao Cao loan loan inclusive of 3 companies, advertisers have unique vivo group net loan financing, loan money, finance and finance really refers to Wang treasure 4, TOP20 number of advertisers vivo slightly more than OPPO.

00:00 0: 59 financial period the number of advertisers for most of the day, followed by a period of 1:00-1:59 one day put the minimum number of time: according to CPD delivery rules, a large number of advertisers in the 0 day after the budget to get according to the day before the strategy is set to automatically enter the part of consumption, advertisers not to adjust the price and delivery strategies, leading to rapid depletion of the budget, in an hour. Thus, a considerable number of the financial advertisers more extensive.

TOP10 top search terms, bank brand number accounted for half of the country; Alipay search heat has a leading edge in the user level.


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