Star hit face contrast, the last group similarity 99%!

Hit face star entertainment Zhao Liying

aiqiyiyule· 2017-02-05 05:45:15

although no two identical leaves in the world, but especially similar leaves beyond count, in There is no story without coincidences. entertainment, everything is possible. Well, in front of multi face blindness in patients with early warning, shenru.

Jiang Qinqin VS Sun Li

Chen Xiang VS Lee Jun-ki

Takashi Kashiwabara VS Rosamund Kwan

Bai Baihe VS Wang Luodan

Zhao Liying VS Jang Na Ra

Liyan Tong VS Xuan Dong

Li Xiaolu VS Xun Zhou


Liu Shishi VS Liu Yifei

Zhang Ziyi VS Yao Tong

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Star hit face contrast, the last group similarity 99%!

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