Don't put the children to develop Baiwenhang, worth all parents to see!

The depth of children good eyes

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Abstract: there are always some people, you live young, you have a glamorous, but can't see behind you silently to support your parents, in order to let you live a better life in this world to humble.


" you live glamorous, parents are humble

some time ago, and chat with friends, to accompany him to a brother in Hokkaido Japan travel. I asked him if he was happy. He told me that he and his brother were not the same, so the journey was not very pleasant.

he told me carefully, my brother was about to go to Japan to play with his parents, his mother did not trust, they invited my friend to follow his brother in the past. His younger brother,

, was not rich, just go to college, also does not have the ability to have their own money, spend money like water. Take a little thing to say, Japan's price is very expensive, a melon to 30 yuan.

friend asked me: "can you identify yourself can not make money, the family is not very rich, without blinking an eye just because thirsty, refused to buy water but ate three piece of melon child? "

the child, let me think of a very impressive words: parents still struggling, you can show off in poetry and distance.


around such people, quite a lot of.

my other friend, the family condition is very general, but the day is very high".

she too unit lunch every day at noon to eat, eat out, also in the afternoon will book a cup of tea to send more than ten dollars. Go shopping with her, she always pull me to eat high popularity, the price is very expensive restaurant.

and her travel, she all kinds of high prices in the scenic areas of food and souvenirs, has always been to buy, buy, buy, like water. Stinky tofu is not good, she got a piece and spit it out in disgust and threw a frown.

I can't persuade her to spend too wasteful. Every time she tried to advise her, are not convinced are inclined to move out of her eyes, the two famous, confidently.

first sentence, "girls, to be rich,"

second, "come out to play, we must be happy, do not care about money.

seems to be if I advised her to properly save, I was too stingy stingy.

I thought she must be rich, until there is a going to her house. She lives in suburban houses, old wet, narrow and small, from the upstairs floor two, to climb from a steep stairs.

her grandmother was in her high school uniform and was sitting at home picking up food. She asked her grandmother how not to play cards, the old man said: these two days lost dozens of dollars, not happy today.

I use their bathroom, grandma told me not to forget, to use the bucket filled washed mop water, don't press the button, a red water crashed, a waste of money.

is such a frugal man himself by selling vegetables a piece to save all the savings, to let the granddaughter, granddaughter splurge. To dine with her mom and dad

at noon, her dad said, don't expect her to make a living, the wages she earns, give yourself everyday food and clothing is good.

later, the friend asked me to go on a holiday trip, told me that winter is very cold, she was ready to buy a car, the family agreed to buy her. Hear this, I can only smile, do not know what to respond.


" there is a joke that "money means nothing to me, my parents treat me like a septic tank. "

our generation, many people so.

some time ago on the Internet to discuss whether the child is poor or rich, to promote the rich man asked: the boy to poor support? How old is your child?

I would like to ask those who took the money from their parents to children: children break the pale to eutrophication? How much do your parents owe you?

I know a boy, he to all the expenses before work from the University, are playing a IOUs to parents. Occasionally travel travel spend money, but also rely on their own part-time job to earn. After work, he took money from his monthly salary and Bibi repaid his parents.

adult children, parents have no obligation to support, do not have to talk about poor support, rich topic. But the reality is that many people get married, but also let parents back home.

if you are like me, born in an ordinary family, then you should be very clear that every penny earned by parents is not easy.

when parents sweating in physical labor in the scorching sun, when parents backache engaged in mental work in a small cubicle, you have a big meal to spend their day's salary, really will not have the slightest guilt?

when the parents are leading the parents when shout and wrangle, by the customer you are boss around, friends, and live, really not to have the heart?

when you are armed with iPhone, iPad, Mac, would consider long packet traffic parents could even buy a $10 100M, finally also not willing to buy

; when you wore a name brand, a pair of shoes to a few

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