Sales ads turned into a traffic ticket scared owners

Advertising ticket car owner traffic

zhongqingwang· 2016-05-01 10:05:44

advertising turned into "traffic tickets" scared owners < P > recently, Shunyi District, Beijing, a real estate in order to promote, small camouflaged advertising into "traffic ticket affixed to the owner of the car. Beijing Youth Daily reporter saw small advertisement is very realistic, and formal violation ticket very similar has also written a punishment license plate number, body color and illegal parking time. However, to remind the owners to accept the location of the processing is the address of the business's sales center, the name of the supervisor's name is written in the name of Song Zhongji. Small ads on the back of the show, this is a fake ticket, but in reality is a real estate advertising sales in Shunyi, the ticket is false, the prize is true, and to encourage owners to receive prizes to the sales center.

the small ads are a car owners report, the Shunyi urban management department in accordance with the law to put up a small advertising company conducted a survey. According to Article 43 of the "Beijing city appearance and environmental sanitation regulations" the relevant provisions of anyone may not be arbitrarily free public places sporadic, suspension, posting promotional materials, advertising, the company is Shunyi Chengguan wangquan law enforcement team impose administrative fines 30000 yuan. < p > recently, the real estate sales department and an extension to the name of staff told reporter BYD, the real estate ads disguised as "getting a traffic ticket" is the promotion for the planning department to come out of the ground, "because of complaints, the company has stopped the small ads posted." She admitted, "the ad will indeed scare the owner, but see the back will be found to be a false alarm".

it is understood that there had been a copy of the "parking ticket" to produce a single copy of the owner of the advertising news reports. According to the relevant industry and Commerce responsible person said, according to relevant laws and regulations, this kind of advertising form a bit inappropriate, but there is no illegal content, it is difficult for businesses to be punished. "Beijing Kangda lawyer Han Xiao believes that the business sector is not as less appropriate, basis" advertisement law "the relevant provisions: Any unit or individual without consent of the parties shall not send ad to the housing, transport and other, illegal issuance of, relevant departments should be ordered to stop illegal behavior, the advertisers can be a fine of 30000 yuan of the following. At the same time, the law can be punished according to the advertisement. < p > and Han Xiao lawyer said according to the advertising law of our country, "the three: ads should be truthful and lawful, to form healthy expression of advertising content, in line with the construction of socialist spiritual civilization and carry forward the fine traditional culture of the Chinese nation. "Advertisement law" has been clearly defined form of advertising expression needs to be healthy, then, the sale of the similar vehicles illegally parked told single advertising, its form although enough to cause people's attention, but this also caused the owners of a moment of panic, seriously, the transportation order caused some impact. This form of advertising should be stopped, the law by due punishment, to avoid future similar situation again.

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