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Hand travel industry planning posture ideas

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for most of our players, "the Royal war" (hereinafter referred to as "CR") may have been "out of breath", often in the comments area such as "the game is actually someone to play" and so on. In fact, it is still in Europe and the United States market is the best-selling list of TOP CLASS products. In the fall of the war, the Royal war began a series of self redemption in the fall. And again to update and targeted operations play an effect, it once again become the best-selling TOP3 in the world, has become a App Store&Google Play dual platform of the year.

is a network game in recession could rebound sharply, this phenomenon is obviously not in user adhesion degree than other types of Mobile Games field is a rare. By editing greatly entrusted, has many years of Ce (Keng) plan (Qian) experience I ventured to a wave of display slight skill before an expert, the domestic game planning thinking angle to dissect a seemingly shorter life cycle Mobile Games is how to achieve "self salvation".

PS: in this article, a lot of information about the game itself and user surveys are provided by the editor.

on the

nature of the reasons of decline compared to numerical rolling, there are different views of individual

as a rare global explosion, "the Royal war" once gained high attention from all walks of life, at the beginning of the shelves in major media channels and the "brush screen" once for some game player mistake is "strong buy advertising strength". In the fall, the industry of its analysis is also constantly, to sum up, mainly including the following:

purchase effect set too crude, technology is relatively low the game player can directly through great efforts to break the krypton gold cup;

internationally growth of single direction, in addition to enhance the number of cups or "frenzied" goalkeeper or crushed, almost no other thing to do (of course, you can also stay in the original period of continuous change cup card group practice techniques, but not many tactical options earlier versions);

- balance in general, and three miners ice princess legend strength too high. As an outsider, I do not dare to say what the internal SC was considered, but the legendary card IMBA was a subjective experience of many players.

"the legend of the big three had cancer, now no longer under the background of universal

of the above three points, plus the official refused to let more shielding mocking expression, game player in the game but to experience more anger and frustration, choice abandoned pits is completely not unexpected.

but on the basis of this, I would like to add a person's point of view, that the game at the time of the slide there is another deep-seated factors --- play itself. this may be a bit surprising to you, it's red burst because of refreshing gameplay. But the "Royal war" is a bit of a game of RTS, and RTS is bound to have a higher threshold, even if the CR RTS is a simplified version".

compared to the "food can start" MOBA class, a large group of users RTS game is "others can not come in, I can't go out," actually "Royal war" has retained all the game player is not "God Hao", which even many 0 krypton or micro krypton play nearly a year of users. These civilians due to master a certain game player, can constantly change the card group "abuse" and their level is equal to or slightly higher than their opponents in the bearish cup number, more and more investment. The same level of the same number of cups, they retained, playing very happy, but more is the game player will still choose to leave the pit, more people do not want to experience such games, while RTS due to the high threshold and 1v1 can't complain teammate characteristic , they will soon enter the technical bottleneck at the same time it is difficult to progress, it would naturally choose to abandon the pit.

" is willing and able to withstand such disadvantages still hit the level, is one of the few

that is to say, only my personal point of view, even if the "war" in the royal family would not have had a level of repression, not the legendary repression, play more, on 3 July significantly decreased after the game player activity is probably inevitable that, because its gameplay itself is a certain threshold, the final remaining will only be able to complete the core accounting for much user entry in technique, and R small part of "high level low cup".

anatomy of redemption


makes the technology party more loaded B space

Championship launch and redo

somehow SC internal staff is not also have the same opinion, only my personal feelings, the recent wave of acclaimed updates and business initiatives, is also more in the core game player benefit, first and foremost, is the championship launch and subsequent redo.

on July last year launched the tournament system, has been the common argument is that Public opinions are divergent., "this does not solve the current user loss, but there are a lot of chaos in a championship. Personally, I think so, but 9 of the 1479 grade ceilings are at least

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