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before the Spring Festival, Liaoning ship drill press let foreign media is a carnival. Just over a year, foreign media attention has focused on the construction of China made aircraft carrier body. From the name of the domestic aircraft carrier to the deployment of the site, and even the United States and Russia will not launch a new round of arms race. Foreign media to discuss these reports more be in full swing, is speculation, whether domestic carrier's name, and will be deployed in the overseas network interview where the authority of the military experts, to respond to foreign media speculation.

foreign media in the mouth of a new generation of aircraft carriers like?

the United States "Popular Mechanics" website on February 1st, reportedly will be named "Shandong" China the first indigenous aircraft carrier Liaoning ship hull shape and consistent, retains the ski jump takeoff mode of the latter, but the flight deck layout has been redesigned. In charge of the carrier aircraft flight command of the ship island structure is completed, the Chinese made aircraft carrier is expected to launch later this year. But it will take several years to complete the installation and commissioning of the subsequent equipment, in order to ultimately service and combat effectiveness. According to the report, the Shandong is unlikely to be able to take off all kinds of fixed wing aircraft, especially the heavy early warning aircraft, as a result of the restrictions on the sliding takeoff mode. Therefore, the "Shandong" must rely on early warning aircraft took off from the airport to the coastal land to provide air intelligence, which will eventually lead to future China to support away from the shore based aircraft carrier.

U.S. defense news website concerns seem to see farther". Reported that the PLA Navy also realized the ski jump ship and Liaoning's first aircraft carrier made by the flight model has limitations, Chinese to continue to pursue the ability to better adapt to the aircraft catapult takeoff mode. Satellite photos show China base in Huludao is building two parallel catapult, analysis of "defense news" that is one of the traditional steam catapult, the other is the new electromagnetic catapult. The latter is currently only equipped in the United States, the latest Ford aircraft carrier, has not served.

reported that the building of the two catapult should in June 2016 to be completed by October. From the latest satellite photos can see that annihilates -15 aircraft in which a catapult appears at the end of. In addition there are photos show, "a front landing gear f -15 has been installed for the ejection of the traction device". The evidence suggests that the future of the Chinese Navy's aircraft carrier will use the United States, "catapult takeoff, block landing" approach. At the same time, the construction of two catapult base in Huludao, that is China on these two technologies are compared, finally decided to install a device in which a new generation of aircraft carriers.

report also mentioned that the current Liaoning ship aircraft carrier equipped with at least two straight -18J shipborne warning helicopter, as a warning device can not take off and land fixed wing awacs. But this is not the final solution. In the late January, a full-scale model of a new type of fixed wing aircraft early warning system was found on the flight deck of a large aircraft carrier on the ground floor of a large aircraft carrier in Wuhan in late march. This photo shows the fixed wing carrier aircraft will have two turboprop engines, four vertical tail, large disc radome, is quite similar with the United States Navy E-2 hawkeye. "As a result of this simulation test facility in Wuhan for the Chinese navy ship platforms and systems for static testing and other tasks, so through its trends, to spy on the future plan of the Chinese navy". The report also mentioned that China's development of fixed wing aircraft warning machine for a long time. As early as 2011, there has been codenamed JZY-01 based early warning aircraft carrier, which is based on the transport of -7 transport aircraft converted into.

will be deployed in the South China Sea? Experts say the

according to the Russian satellite network reported on February 2nd, Hongkong "South China Morning Post" reported in the Chinese new aircraft carrier 001A Dalian will end the construction of the Shandong ship in the South China Sea will serve, can be said to be expected. Russian military expert Cashin wrote a Russian satellite news agency commentary pointed out, put the ship in from Hainan Island Chinese nuclear submarine base near the base, first to fully comply with such a carrier task set.

domestic aircraft carriers will be deployed in where? Overseas network interviewed Zhang Jun, a researcher at the naval military academic research institute, Zhang Jun, believes that the domestic aircraft carrier will be deployed in the South China Sea this argument is purely speculation, no basis. Zhang Junshe said that the aircraft carrier does not have a fixed place where this statement, as the U.S. aircraft carrier can be deployed in various parts of the world. China's aircraft carrier will not be deployed overseas, but the South China Sea, Beihai and the East China Sea is the jurisdiction of the Chinese Navy, China's aircraft carrier deployed in any one area is normal, not necessarily in the South China sea. Named

for the media has been speculation that the domestic aircraft carrier, the Zhang Jun agency said the name of domestic carriers can not be determined, according to the navy ship naming standards, carrier is generally to the provinces as named, Chinese first aircraft carrier was named "Liaoning". But the domestic aircraft carrier is not necessarily called Shandong, all provinces are likely to be based on the name of the domestic aircraft carrier, especially the coastal provinces may be greater.

China and Russia to launch an arms race in the sea?

trends for China's new aircraft carrier,

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