Played 50 supporting roles Wu Lei finally grew up as a male


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the end of the holiday, the Spring Festival stalls accidentally step on mine see bad fat friends, can finally return to work, the cure was hurt heart … …

file for the Spring Festival in order to avoid minefields, most of the time in 88 the various TV drama replay. Every night turn on CCTV eight, see two sets of "Nirvana in Fire" and then go to bed.

although it is N brush, but still can not help feeling, drama and people really look good ah. Especially the younger brother of Wu Lei Fei flow, it still face adorable

" with three stone brother love deeply, while the Spring Festival holiday, 88 curious to see the Wu Lei drama "the youth" fresh clothes horse angry Qixing, probably recently more popular this name is very long and hard play? But indeed for green and fresh clothes horse angry. Wu Lei was born 99 years.

" this drama aired on January, release out of the title is Wu Lei the first screen featuring actor (in fact, is already a legend Inn male friends), according to incomplete statistics, three stone old cadres in these 12 years have played 50 back angle!

" but more and more, the younger brother of Wu Lei Yan value does not have any problems, child is a perfect demonstration of the correct way to open, but the play is really let a person to say.

" (a young and not disabled), it is a happy thing, but once the boats flow become threadbare net play wastrels, it really is a little careful plug.

- I is the first when the male line

first, this drama, drama, Wu Lei's hero is a quack dandy, laughing life actually looks light of heart from care, complex, kind-hearted, full of sense of justice. He grew up with on the side of the best friend is a little fat, love love to sleep, only to the boss.

" he met character buyers Princess rijiushengqing in Dadanaonao, love each other.

three of them and the other two as different teenager, a strange combination of circumstances to shoulder super task team to save the world, "the Fairy Magic realms, looking for the legendary stars. The general framework of

series eight years ago and broadcast the "sword three" very similar - punks Sedum have a good friend named Mao Mao, and diaoman Fu Jianv Tang hsuehchien orpine are quarrelsome lovers, they met xuchangqing and Solanum nigrum, together on the road to find five lingzhu.

a sigh, and now the domestic drama are so new? A plot by actors strong yen value is acceptable, but the five is 88 cents effects, really can not...... effect more than confrontation between the two sides, the Webpage Game, also pull a little matting seriously,

" I doubt I see false fire,

" in addition, tell me why two girls bathing suits? Because it can wash clothes, shoot two hawks with one arrow? When off the outside of that layer of yarn is not what effort again...

" but the play is not Nothing is right., the crew went to the northwest of real shooting, the actors in ten degrees of very cold environment frozen red ears, although the plot in two, the actor is not paralysis. This, rather than on the market some matting drama, is the conscience (it is duty, in the peer background has become advantage).

" you can also see the old childhood male god goddess 11 appearance, Linghu Chong crow's feet and slowly climbed up the eyes, "

had a handsome face life without Qiu Xinzhi love,

" played a small nun and Ling He Meitian, zoom in on the screen face, and then no longer the Reiki full.

? The fat has been hit by Wu Lei, is the ancient spirit demon monk Hao Shaowen ~


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